American Tire Chain Laws, & How We Can Help

Oct 18, 2019Product Tours, Announcements

We make tire chain hangers to help you comply with the unique laws in each state.

Like it or not, summer has ended, fall is now in full swing, and winter is coming. With winter approaching, it’s time to look at chain laws again. Winter isn’t something that many people want to talk about, and tire chains aren’t either. Not because there’s anything wrong with them, but because figuring out and following the laws can be tricky, especially in the USA.

Laws vary from state to state. Some don’t have laws specifically mentioning chaining up, and some have laws that are very long and very confusing.

We want to help.

We found a tire chain guide for the Lower 48 States:

We found this guide compiled by Land Line of the laws in the Lower 48 States for their annual OOIDA Chain Law Roundup. We highly recommend checking it out.

Check out the guide >>


We make tire chain hangers:

Check them out >>

Our 20lb tire chain hangers are designed to accommodate enough tire chains for one tractor. They require less than 12 inches of frame space, meaning you can mount them in tight spaces where mounting other storage accessories might not be possible.

Featuring a combo of high quality, high strength steel and aluminum, a security flange, and beefy stainless steel hinges, these hangers are up to the job and can even help prevent chain theft VIA prying open doors.

You can pick these up on Amazon, EBay, or from a dealer near you so you can store all your chains, comply with the laws, and get the job done.

Remember though, if you’re still unclear it’s best to check ahead with the states you’re rolling through to make sure you’re complying with their laws before you get busted.


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