Semi Truck Tire Chain Hangers

Tire Chain Hangers


20lb Tire chain hanger.


Innovative, high strength security flange prevents theft via prying open doors.


Stainless steel hinges.


Requires less than 12" of frame space when installed.


Each hanger is designed to accommodate enough chains for one tractor.


Built from high quality aluminum and steel.


Mounting holes are generic and do not necessarily fit specific models; drilling may be required to fit product on to your vehicle.

Standard Tire Chain Hangers:

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Store your chains, don’t get stuck.

The only thing worse than hauling through a snow storm is getting stuck in one because you didn’t have chains because you had nowhere to store them. Delivering on time is important and sometimes you need to chain up to get the job done. Our new tire chain hangers allow for external tire chain storage in compact spaces where mounting other accessories might be impossible. Pick up a pair of these, store all your chains and get the job done.

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