TRUCK STORY: “Big Red” & Honoring a Fallen Hero

Feb 20, 2019Truck Stories

The best trucks are the trucks with stories. This is Chris’ story of his truck, “Big Red”.

Meet Christopher Lloyd III and his truck “Big Red”. He recently bought a Big Mouth Step Box from us and shared these badass photos… but that’s not what makes this story cool.

Christopher’s comments on his big mouth step box: 

“I’ve had the box since this past Labor day and it hold sixteen 25′ 3/8 chains, 20+ binders (I truly forget how many are in there right now lol) and my oversize banners and flags.  It has A LOT of weight in it but it’s holding up like a BOSS!  I am VERY happy with it and can’t wait to get the time to have a second one installed. Thank you for making an awesome product!  It’s my first Iconic product but like we’ve discussed I’ll be adding a second 22″ as well as your stepdeck like lumber racks soon!”

Christopher is a Coast Guard Veteran who purchased this truck from a former Marine, who was tragically killed in September 2017. Chris didn’t know the Marine or the Marine’s wife from whom he purchased the truck, but the truck’s name, “Big Red” was given to the truck by the deceased. Chris still continues to run the memorial decals that were installed by the Marine’s Widow in his memory.

Chris says that the decals will always be on the truck. #Respect #BrothersInArms

Much respect, Chris. What a great story, and a great way to honor the memory of a hero. We thank you for sharing your story, for your business, and hope you continue to enjoy your MetalGear Products.

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