Roll-Up Door Enclosed Headache Racks


Roll-Up Door Enclosed Headache Rack

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Durable anodized aluminum roll up door – same as you’ll see on emergency vehicles across North America.


Safety and convenience features: No-swing door, aluminum grab handles.


Strong, yet lightweight 0.125″ aluminum construction.


I-beam feet for U-Bolt mounting.


Left/right chain hangers and loose centre shelf included as standard.


Suggested Mounting Kit: U-Bolt Mounting Kits: 17" Part #: 1906 or 21" Part #: 1907

Standard Dimensions:

Select a part number to view/download a product drawing.


Fully-Loaded Rack Dimensions:

The fully-loaded roll up door rack option comes with: dual chain racks, two adjustable interior shelves, interior LED lighting, dime light bar, and tarp tray.


Interior Options:

Extra Shelf (x1)1420

Exterior Options:

Dime Lights Light Bar1430
Dime Lights Light Bar (P#1419 Required)1421
Tarp Tray1419
51.5" x 8" Strobe Light Bar (Height Range: 3" to 25" as per customer requirements)1438
22" x 22" x 15" Boot Box (Fits Roll-Up Door Rack Only)1816

Items bolt on to rack. Drilling required.

Suggested Mounting Kit:

U-Bolt Mounting Kits
Part #: 17 in: 1906, 21 in: 1907

U-Bolt Mounting Kits:

Select a part number to view/download a product drawing.


Storage & Accessibility on Steroids.

Our popular roll up door headache rack stands up to mother nature and includes some impressive safety features over other headache racks models. Featuring a spring-loaded roll up door and a durable, yet lightweight aluminum body, this roll up door headache rack is truly aluminum transport truck storage and accessibility on steroids.

Each of our enclosed headache racks with a roll up door comes standard with a strong, lightweight aluminum body, spring-loaded and lockable roll-up door, external grab handles, 3-point U-bolt lag mounting, chain racks on each side and one loose shelf in the middle. Interior lights are optional as well.

Configuration options available for our roll up door enclosed headache racks. For additional information or to inquire about custom configurations, please contact us.

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As stated in the NSC Standard 10:  Cargo Securement, Divsion 5 – Front End Structures – Application 23(3) A cab shield (Headache rack) is not and front end structure or part of a cargo securement system.  Therefore NO D.O.T. requirements/approvals are applicable.

  • Headache racks cannot meet the requirements of CFR 393.114.a. Cargo must be in contact with the front end structure for the CFR 393.114.a to apply.

Iconic MetalGear promotes that all operators be in compliance with all other load securement requirements as stated in 393.100 to 393.142.

“As per the Ministry of Transportations “Commercial Motor Vehicle Operator’s Safety Manual” the following applies:

Within Module 14 – Cargo Securement, it refers to requirements that are adopted from the National Safety Code (NSC) Standard 10, Cargo Securement, as the standard for securing loads in Ontario.  Referenced in the subsection “Requirements for Securement Devices” it talks to Front End structures and that the rules concerning this topic are included in NSC Standard 10.

NSC Standard 10:  Cargo Securement, Division 5- Front End Structures – Application 23(3) A cab shield (Headache rack) is not a front end structure or part of a cargo securement system.”

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