VIDEO: Customized Stainless Steel Headache Rack

Jan 31, 2020Announcements

A slightly customized version of our now standard stainless steel enclosed headache rack.

This customer saw our videos and photos of our recently-standardized curved stainless steel headache rack and loved it. However, as many truckers do, he wanted to add something a bit extra to his – something to make it just different enough to make it not standard and just a little more “his”.

Watch this short (just under 2 minute) video, as Jason takes you through the features of the rack that we worked with the customer on to get exactly how he wanted it.

The Stainless Steel Headache Rack in the video above is a slightly customized version of our standard “curved” stainless steel rack. So, if reading is more your thing, or you can’t watch or listen to the video right now, we’ll break down the features of this rack for you below.

Customized Stainless Steel Headache Rack Features:

Mirror-finish Stainless Steel Doors & Skin

The mirror finish stainless steel doors and skins are what sets this rack apart from other enclosed racks. This thing is shiny, to say the least.

100% Aluminum Body:

As with most of our Class 8 semi truck storage accessory product line, this rack’s body is also built from our tough, yet lightweight, 1/8″ thick, military/marine grade aluminum. This helps increase the life of the rack, while keeping the weight low and the strength up.

Jailbar Window Option:

This version of the rack includes the optional jailbar window. We can easily enough make versions without the window if that’s more your thing, though. Around the perimeter of the inside of the window we’ve added some additional stainless steel skinning. Because, you know, the little details matter!

Stainless Steel Side Bars With Dime Lights:

Down each side of the headache rack are some custom, stainless steel light bars with dime lights stretching equally spaced from top to bottom. A nice addition to the rack that will no doubt help it stand out on the road.

LED Lights with Chrome Bezels:

On top of the main headache rack body are six large LED lights with chrome bezels. In the middle you’ll find three slightly smaller LED lights that have chrome bezels as well.

Mitred Corners on Doors, Side Bars, and Front Face:

One of the ways the customer wanted to make his rack truly his, and a way to set the rack apart from it’s standard brother, was to add these beautiful mitred corners on the doors, side bars, and in strategic locations on the front face of the rack.

Flush-mount Design:

The flush-mount design of this rack makes the rack appear as though it is sitting directly on the frame. This design also allows the rack to site tightly up against the back of the truck cab for a nice, clean look.

Top Light Bar:

The top light bar on this rack was made to a customized size based on the customer’s required height. This will allow the customer to mount his strobe light bar (not in the video – will be added later by the customer) and have it visible above the truck cab.

The light bar has been further customized with even more dime lights that follow the light bar’s curve all the way from one end to the other.

Left & Right Side Interior:

On the left and right side of the rack we’ve included a small shelf up top, a chain hanger just below, and an 8-inch deep chain well at the bottom.

Centre Interior:

In the centre of the rack you’ll find a set of shelves. 


For more information on this Customized Stainless Steel Headache Rack, or other products, including pricing, pleases contact us VIA the link below.


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