TRUCK PHOTOS: Snaps from the 2019 Great Canadian Truck Show at Flamboro Speedway

Aug 2, 2019Photos & Videos

Truck Photos from the 2019 Great Canadian Truck Show at Flamboro Speedway

The Great Canadian Truck show returned to Flamboro Speedway this year, and we popped out early on Saturday morning to take a look with camera in hand.

The show featured a bunch of different trucks from different carriers. Some old, some new. Some decked out, lowered, and customized, too. This show had a bit of everything, and if you missed it then you should definitely make an effort to get out for next year. It’s a family-friendly event featuring bunch of cool trucks, and good people.

On the topic of customized, one of our favourite Facebook followers, Gerry Cook, was on hand with his newly customized ride. His truck showcased a customized version of our newest standard product: the angled stainless steel headache rack. We’ve included a separate gallery of just this truck and it’s headache rack below the full gallery.

His rack features the same angled face and mirror-finish stainless steel doors as our standard rack does. It also has the nine LED lights up top, but he did away with the chrome bezels in place of standard light frames. He has also changed it up by having the body painted red to match the truck. The light bar with dime lights up top was a custom option that we created for him, and he’s painted the body of the light bar red and reinstalled the chrome face plates. The overall product looks really nice, and we were proud to have the rack on display at the show as by far the most badass headache rack at the show, but we may be a bit biased.

So enjoy the truck photos in the galleries below, and be sure to make it out to Flamboro Speedway for next year’s Great Canadian Truck Show. We’ll shoot you a reminder closer to the day of the event. You don’t want to miss it!

Happy scrolling! And remember: if you love trucks and photos of trucks, make sure you check our our truck gallery and follow us on Facebook and Instagram. We share TONS of truck and truck product photos every week!

Truck Show Gallery:

Gerry Cook Truck & Iconic MetalGear Headache Rack Gallery:

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