This is a BIG ONE: Angled Face Stainless Steel Enclosed Rack – Product Tour

Aug 21, 2020Photos & Videos, Product Tours

We took our standard angled face stainless steel enclosed semi truck headache rack design and scaled it up!

This angled face headache rack design with stainless steel skin has certainly caught fire as of late, becoming one of our most popularly ordered products in the last six months or so.

It’s easy to see why – especially if you love chrome. These things are beautiful, even when they’re still wrapped in their protective film. And when they’re installed on the truck? Stunning.

The body of the rack is still our usual strong and lightweight military/marine-grade aliminum. And it’s build tough; we never use aluminum any thinner than .125 inches, creating a very strong, durable rack. In this case, the aluminum body is skinned in non-directional mirror-stainless steel, and the doors are made of 14-gauge stainless steel on their own – still thick enough to be nice and stiff.

Jason takes you through the full list of features of this rack in this two-minute video tour below. Turn this one up! It’s pretty rock and roll, and we know you’ll love it.


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Angled Face Stainless Steel Enclosed Headache Rack Features:

In the video above (two minutes long), Jason takes you through a tour of the features of this badass looking headache rack. We’ve recorded his main points below for reference, in case reading is more your thing.

  • Smooth 1/8-inch thick military/marine-grade aluminum body construction.
  • “Dual Revolution” LED lights from Trux Accessories can change from red to white as needed.
  • Side trim down each side with 4-inch LED lights. This side trim as available on many of our other racks, not just this type.
  • Mirror-finish, non-directional stainless steel skin.
  • 14 Gauge stainless steel doors.
  • Stainless steel skin throughout the rest of the rack for the full mirror-stainless steel finish appearance (but with an otherwise fully aluminum body).
  • Top light bar with multiple dime lights along it’s length. The height was sent to us by the customer, and will match the height of the customer’s truck. With this, they can place a strobe light up on top that will stick out above the truck cab.
  • Inside the left and right side cabinets we’ve included chain hangers for each side with a shelf above each chain rack.
  • The centre cabinet has two adjustable shelves that are adjustable +/- 2-inch increments.

Jason also goes through some of the other headache rack options we offer in the video. These include, but are not limited to: 3-door enclosed headache racks, roll-up door headache racks and/or headache rack/hydraulic tank combos. 

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