The Multiple Uses of our Cam-Lock Handles

Feb 28, 2020Product Tours

The Cam-Lock handle continues to be one of our most popular handle options.

More and more truck and fleet owers are switching to the cam-lock handle for their tool storage. This is due, at least in part, to the additional security and piece of mind that the cam-lock handle delivers.

Our cam-lock handles are burly. Tough.

If it’s not obvious how strong they are from simply looking at it, grab a hold of one and you’ll be a believer. They’re built from solid stainless steel, and arguably overbuilt to make sure they outlast the toolbox they’re attached to and securing.

This strength translates to a security level that is unmatched among any ofther door handle you’ll find – making it the perfect choice for our semi truck storage accessories. No tarp straps, no busted t-handles, just a secure enclosure, thanks to the cam-lock handle.

Beyond their strength, and the security they provide, truckers love the familiarity of the cam-lock handle, as it’s been one of the most frequently used handles used to close doors of semi truck trailers for eons.

In this post, we’ll outline some of our most popular accessories that use the cam-lock handle. Read on!

Cam-Lock Underbody Toolboxes

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The most popular use for the cam-lock handle is the underbody box. The underbody box was the first product for which we initially rolled out the cam-lock handle, and it’s been a perfect fit. In fact, we sell far more cam-lock toolboxes annually than we do the traditional t-handle boxes.

The cam-lock is a few bucks more, but the improved security and longer life of the handle makes it a worthwhile investment so truckers continue to gobble them up.

To make the cam-lock even stronger, we’ve added some smart bracing inside the box and a security flange on the doors to prevent theft VIA prying. The cam-lock underbody box truly is a safe for your tools.

Cross Boxes with Cam-Lock Handle

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The second most popular use for the cam-lock handle has to be our crossboxes. We made the cam-lock an option for cross boxes later than we did for the underbody boxes, and they continue to gain in popularity.

The cam-lock is a perfect fit for cross boxes, which can be notorious for being broken into due to the higher-dollar items that are frequently stored inside of them. The cam-lock, coupled with the smart placement of high-strength stainless steel hinges, provides an unmatched level of security for cross boxes, so they’re are obvious option that we had to make available to you.

To further reinforce asnd secure tour crossboxes, we’ve added some smart bracing inside the box to help prevent theft VIA prying.

Enclosed Headache Racks with Cam-Lock Handles

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The less common, but still quite popular, products that can be made using our cam-lock handle are our enclosed headache racks. The cam-lock has been a handle option for headache racks almost as long as they have been for cross boxes, but truckers seem to have a slight perference for our stainless steel t-handles or our roll-up door.

Nevertheless, the cam-lock is an excellent option for those who want to add an extra level of security and reliability to their headache racks. They feature the same additional bracing as our cross boxes, making them even tougher to last even longer.


We should add, that although the cam-lock is probably your best option for maximum security, no handle is going to stop a thief who is prepared and fully determined to get in to your box to steal your tools. However, we are confident that the cam-lock will do the best job out of all of our handle options in preventing the theft of your precious items.

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