“The DeLorean” Custom Cross Box

Jul 24, 2020Product Tours

Find out why we jokingly call this custom cross box “The DeLorean” in our latest product tour video!

We get more and more requests for custom versions of our standard products every day. Most often, the custom requests are for our headache racks, especially enclosed ones. But this time we had a request for a custom cross box/b-pack toolbox.

This custom box includes some pretty slick features, and turned out to look enough like a certain famous car from a certain famous movie that we had to give it the nickname: “The DeLorean Box”. You can find out exactly why we, in the shop, jokingly call it that by watching the 2 minute product tour video below as Jason takes you through its features.

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“The DeLorean” Custom Cross Box Features:

Your video host Jason takes you through the core features of this custom cross box in the video above, but we’ll also make note of them below for reference as well.

  • Smooth 1/8-inch thick military/marine-grade aluminum body construction.
  • Flip-up door design – this, and the shape of the body, is what so closely reminds us of the famous DeLorean car, specifically from the famous Back to The Future movie from the mid-80s. Each door has a pair of gas shocks included as well.
  • The main compartment is an open cavity design, allowing for easy storage of items of all sizes.
  • Interior LED lighting is included on this cross box to light up the large main compartment. It comes fully-wired and ready for install.
  • There is also a full-width pull-out tray that will pull out from the drivers side of the truck once mounted.
  • On top of the drawer, is a shelf that spans nearly the full width of the toolbox. This also serves to seperate the drawer contents from the larger contents above, and to make sure you can always open the drawers, unobstructed.
  • 5/8-inch automotive bulb seal is included as well, and is paired with rain-gutter door design. This duo pairs together for excellent water resistance.
  • Stainless steel hardware is included on this box, as it is with all of our products, and include the t-handles and hinges, in this case.

This box features just some of the accessories and customizations that we offer for our cross box and b-pack products. We offer these in some standard sizes and configurations, but custom is almost always an option – especially because every truck, business and individual’s needs are different.

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