The Best Semi Truck Toolbox Mounting Brackets in the Industry

Oct 3, 2019Product Tours

We build the best semi truck toolbox mounting brackets in the industry.

We’re not just bragging; we really do!

We listened to our dealers, our installers, and our customers. We studied the mounting brackets that are currently offered on the market and identified their issues and how we could improve them.

These improvements don’t only help installers install the box faster and easier, but they look nicer, and help to extend the life of your Iconic MetalGear toolbox products over the long-term. In the video below, Jason takes you through the features of our mounting brackets and explains why they’re different (and the best).


Design Features:

These mounting brackets (P#1900) are built from tough 1/4″ (.250) thick steel that has been powder coated a nice black finish. Each bracket is one piece. They are first laser cut and then formed to shape. This makes them perfectly square, and prevents the need for any welded joints or stress points which could fatigue or crack over time.

We’ve included a large corner radius that further increases the strength and rigidity of each bracket, further increasing the bracket’s service life.

Radiused corners make sure that our brackets look and feel 100% finished. No sharp corners to scratch yourself or your toolbox on while mounting or servicing the box or the brackets, and a nice, clean, finished look.


Each bracket includes pre cut mounting holes and slots. This eliminates the need to drill the brackets when mounting them to your truck or trailer frame. The holes allow for more mounting and positioning options when you’re trying to determine the best location for your toolbox, which makes the process easier overall.

The slots included on the bottom allow you to move the toolbox in or out depending on how far from the truck or trailer frame your toolbox needs to sit.


We never loved the cross bar found on most mounting brackets. They don’t look as nice, or as clean. We found that, with the way we could design them, they were unnecessary as well, so we got rid of them.

This makes for a much cleaner and nicer appearance, and allows easier access to the toolbox when you’re cleaning or servicing it. Check out the photos below.

Sold in pairs!

These are sold in pairs and are available on Amazon and EBay as well as from our large network of dealers across North America. Get yours today!

They are yet another example of the time, effort, and pride that we put into every product that leaves our shop. We spend time obsessing over the littlest things that can make a huge difference on the highway in the short term and in the long term.


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