Standard Angled Face Stainless Steel Headache Rack – Product Tour

Nov 5, 2021Photos & Videos, Product Tours

Our customer asked for a “shiny headache rack” for his semi truck. Here’s what we built for him…

When it comes to building shiny headache racks for semi trucks, we think we’ve got it figured out. To be clear, when we reference “shiny headache racks”, we’re talking about the 14-gauge, non-directional mirror finish stainless steel that we use to give our headache racks that shiny, “chrome” look that goes so well with so many trucks on the road.

We’re well known now for offering custom headahce racks, where some shiny stainless steel is common, but we’re also proud to offer some mirror-finish stainless on our standard products as well. Specifically, on our line up of aptly named stainless steel headache racks. There’s two main standard designs that we offer, but dimensions are customizable upon request.

Each one has a 1/8-inch thick marine-grade aluminum body, and the 14-gauge stainless steel doors that we mentioned earlier. No matter which one you choose, you’re choosing a headache rack that will turn heads on the highway.

The headache rack in this week’s product tour is a great example of what the angled face version of our stainless steel racks looks like. In this short 1-minute-40-second product tour video, Jason takes you through its features.

Enjoy the video!


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Standard Angled Face Stainless Steel Enclosed Headache Rack for Semi Trucks:

This is a more standardized version of the angled face stainless steel headache rack. Jason walks you through the feaures of it in the video above, but we’ve also written the features of it below for reference – in case you can only, or prefer to, read instead of watch or listen.

  • Smooth 1/8-inch thick aluminum body construction.
  • Stainless steel doors: 14-gauge, 304, non-directional mirror finish.
  • Stainless steel angled trim down each side, with LED dime lights.
  • Standard LED light package.
  • Upper light bar with LED dime lights.
  • Full-height centre cabinet (no jail bar window on this one)
  • Chain hangers with a shelf above in each interior side cabinet.
  • Centre cabinet has adjustable shelves inside.
  • Stainless steel bottom panel makes for a fully stainless steel, unifed look.
  • Attractive angled face design hugs the truck cab and looks awesome
  • Angled mitres on the doors are a nice touch, and compliment the angled design of the rack.
  • The rack sits flush to the truck frame for a sleek, clean look.

Have questions about this headache rack? Want to order one like this for your truck?

Multiple sizes and customized versions available.

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