Stainless Steel + White CUSTOM Enclosed Headache Rack – PRODUCT TOUR!

Mar 12, 2021Photos & Videos, Product Tours

This enclosed headache rack has a mix of mirror-finish stainless steel and powder coated aluminum that must be seen!

The headache rack in this week’s product tour video is one of the more custom looking racks we’ve made in a while. It’s got a unique design, including a powder coated body and some very nice use of mirror finish stainlesss steel. It’s a must-see for sure.

As the number of enclosed stainless steel headache racks that pass through the shop continues to grow, it’s almost unfortunate how many pass without catching our eye for a video. This one, however, certainly caught our attention and we jumped on the opportunity to snag a video of it.

This headache rack is different for a couple of reasons, primarily becauase it doesn’t have a “top” per-say. Historically, we have not done a lot of open window designs, either. Add to that the combination of the white powder coated body and a lot of mirror-finish stainless steel, and a bunch of LED lights, and you’ve got one badass rack just begging for a product tour.

So Jason does just that in our latest product tour video. He takes you through each of the features of this headache rack in around 4 minutes or so. Enjoy!


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Custom Large and Deep Stainless Steel Headache Rack Features:

Below, we’ll list the features that Jason breaks down in the video above for those who prefer to read over waching or listening to the video. 

  • Smooth 1/8-inch thick military/marine-grade aluminum body construction.
  • White powder coated finish.
  • Stainless steel light bar trim with LED dime lights down each side.
  • 14 gauge mirror-finish stainless steel doors with X-pattern.
    • Doors are one-piece of stainless, not a skin.
    • X-Pattern is difficult to see in the video because we leave the protective tape on for shipping to protect the finish.
  • Hinges, handles (locking and keyed alike), and fasteners are all stainless steel.
  • “Open” centre window.
  • Stainlesss steel skin covers the bar above the window
  • Light bracket (not installed in the video) for a strobe light mounting.
  • Lower side boxes for easy access to stored items from the ground.
  • Left and right side interior:
    • Chain hanger up top;
    • 8-inch deep chain well down below keeps items contained.
    • Rain gutter design with 5/8″ bulb seal for water resistance.
  • Centre cabinet interior:
    • One adjustable height shelf with edge trim.
    • 8-inch deep chain well down below keeps items contained.
    • Rain gutter design with 5/8″ bulb seal for water resistance.
  • Weighs 500-600lbs, estimated.


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