Smooth Aluminum Semi Truck Hydraulic Tank/Headache Rack Combo with Light Bar

Jul 31, 2020Photos & Videos, Product Tours

This headache rack/hydraulic tank combo might be standard, but it’s looks still pack one hell of a punch!

Our interactive headache rack builder has changed the way we offer and sell or flat headache racks and our headache rack/hydraulic tank combos. Customers can log on to our website and literally build their own headache racks, submit them, and then have us build them for them. It really is that easy.

This rack is technically a standard offering of ours, but the customer was able to select exactly what they want for their truck and business which is what makes the builder so useful.

It features some features that certainly makes the rack stand out – even for a standard rack. It’s a great example of how good you can make a standard headache rack look when you use our builder to build your headache rack.

So check out this two-minute video we made this week as Jason takes you through the features of this headache rack in our latest product tour. Enjoy!

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Smooth Aluminum Semi Truck Hydraulic Tank/Headache Rack Combo with Light Bar Features:

Watch this two minute video as Jason takes you through the features of this custom rack/tank combo, and features some of the other accessories and semi truck storage options that we offer as well. We’ve also made note of each feature in the point form list below for reference.

  • Smooth 1/8-inch thick military/marine-grade aluminum body construction.
  • Dual chain racks (one per side).
  • Split chain trays.
  • Jail bar window aligns with truck cab window.
  • Centre “open storage” compartment underneat the jail bar window.
  • 30 Gallon hydraulic tank (We also have 50 and 70 gallon options).
  • Standard LED light bar option
  • Work/load light tabs in each top corner.

In the video, jason also explains that we offer a custom text light bar option, where you can have your name, your business name, your handle, or whatever else you can think of as an option on your headache rack. You can check this option out for yourself on our interactive online headache rack builder.

Terra Works Flat Rack

He also reminds viewers that we offer enclosed headache racks as well. We have standard options for these, but we do a lot of custom work as well. There are three main categories of enclosed racks that we offer: Standard Enclosed Racks, Stainless Steel Door Headache Racks, and Roll-Up Door Headache Racks.

Have questions? Want to build or order your next headache rack?

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