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Oct 23, 2020Announcements

This headache rack and hydraulic tank combo is another example of what you can build with our interactive, online flat headache builder.

The good folks at Aloha Trucking arrived on our website recently, and built a headache rack for one of their trucks on our interactive, online headache rack builder. They chose the accessories and add-ons that they wanted for their truck and business, submitted, and we got to work on building it for them.

A few weeks later, here we are! Their flat headache rack with hydraulic tank is ready to be shipped, and we had Jason shoot a quick product tour video of it before it left the shop. In the video, he runs through the full suite of accessories that Aloha chose for their truck – and it turned out really cool!

So check out our latest product tour video below. It’s a quick one minute fory-five second video that you’ll be glad you watched.



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Custom “Aloha” Headache Rack and Hydraulic Tank Combo

This rack is largely a standard setup that you can get from a part number here, but the items that make it custom are the things that really set this rack apart from the others. We’ve listed the features below that Jason breaks down in the video for reference.

  • Smooth 1/8-inch thick military/marine-grade aluminum construction.
  • Custom “Towel bar” included up top for hanging lines and other items.
  • Custom backlit text light bar with their desired “HAUL’N WITH ALOHA” text cut out of it, and backlit with our waterproof red LED lights.
    • The lights will run off of the truck’s running lights.
  • Dual chain racks.
  • Dual chain trays.
  • Jail bar window for vision out the truck’s back window.
  • 50 Gallon hydraulic tank (We could also do a 30 or a 70 gallon tank as well).
    • Includes all of the hardware needed for mounting.
    • Tucks out of the way and “into” the headache rack to save space.
    • Having the hydraulic tank on the deck means that you don’t have to cut into your fuel tanks to have a hydraulic tank on your truck.
  • Lower side boxes – turned outward. Lower side boxes are not a new thing for us, but previously, they’ve been mounted facing the same direction as the rest of the rack. On this configuration, they’re set up facing outward. This makes it that much easier to access frequently used items from the ground, which lowers the number of times the user will need to hop up or down from the truck deck.

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