Roll-Up Door Enclosed Headache Racks: The (Not So) Hidden Safety Features

Jan 17, 2020Product Tours

Our roll-up door headache racks feature some additional safety features that are not always immediately apparent to some. We’ll break them down here.

Our roll-up door headache racks have been quickly gaining popularity since we first rolled them out years ago.

Truckers say they love the clean look that the white-anodized aluminum door gives to the rack, and that they love how easily it makes the rack contents available when the door is rolled up.

What’s more? It’s built to last.

We often hear concerns that “the door don’t last”, “that won’t survive a winter where I drive”, that door looks insecure. And, while their concerns are valid, their concerns are based on preconceptions that just aren’t true from our experience with the doors. We’ve had these roll-up doors on the road now for years in multiple conditions, and in multiple parts of North America and have had no major issues reported.

Keep in mind, this door is the same one that is used on 80% of the emergency services vehicles across North America. That’s no small number! I don’t have to tell you that they need a door that is built to last, and performs every time it is needed and in all conditions.

That’s why we chose it; because truckers need that toughness and reliability, too.

But there’s more to this door than just reliability, ease of access, and ease of use. These racks, offer additional safety features that can keep you or your employees safer. We’ll break down what those are below.

No-Swing Door

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The very design of this door drastically improves the safety of everyone who uses it.

Unlike traditional doors that open (or swing) outwards, the roll-up door does exactly that – it rolls up inside the top of the rack. No swinging! This means that the user can avoid getting knocked off balance (or worse off the truck deck) while opening the door. The roll-up door also cannot be caught by wind, causing unexpected door swings resulting in the same.

The roll-up door just simply rolls up and out of the way. No danger of doors swinging or being knocked off the deck.

Full-Height Grab Handles

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Down each side of the rack are full-height grab handles. These make climbing up on and down from the truck deck easier, and can help maintain balance while on the truck deck, or if you’re leaning into the rack to grab awkward items.

They really culminate into making the rack’s interior access easier altogether, which translates into safer all-round use day-to-day.

Easier Access to Stored Items

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When you choose a roll-up door rack, you’re getting a rack with a door that spans nearly the entire width of the rack’s storage area. This means that when the door is rolled up you have immediate access to every item in your headache rack.

No need to open multiple doors searching for items that may have moved during transport. Just open the door and your items are immediately accessible. It’s that easy.

This one translates into a safety feature, but it still fits. Less doors to open, coupled with the aforementioned no-swing design means there’s less chance of the operator being hit by, or losing balance from swinging doors.

Easy-Open Door Design

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The clever design features of this rack includes a full-width handle that can easily be used to open and securely close the door with one hand, and one smooth pull.

No fidgeting with handles, just a simple pull in either direction.

Want one? Let’s get you one.

The roll-up door enclosed headache rack is packed with features that are continuing to make it one of our best selling items. Find out why by contacting our sales department, and even get one for your truck or fleet.

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