Red Stainless Steel Headache Rack Photo Gallery

Jul 10, 2020Photos & Videos, Product Tours

These red-body stainless steel headache rack photos landed in our inbox this week, and we HAVE to share them with you!

It’s pretty much one of our standard stainless steel enclosed headache racks, but the way it looks on this truck is what makes sharing it an absolute must share.

Check it out below.

Red body stainless steel enclosed headache rack

This rack is built with the same 1/8-inch thick military/marine-grade aluminum body as our other headache racks, but what this one apart is it’s beautiful mirror-stainless steel doors, red powdercoated body, and it’s LED lights. This one in particular has 23 LEDlights, and when they’re all lit up it makes this admittedly standard rack look almost fully custom.

You can get one of these racks for yourself by visiting it’s product page and requesting a quote, or by contacting us directly through the website, by e-mail, or by calling 1-877-890-9142.

Enjoy the photos below, I know everyone here did!

Check out these photos!

Photos courtesy of Ryan at Tri City Equipment

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