The VADER Rack


The VADER Rack: Custom Enclosed Semi Truck Headache Rack


Sleek, attractive angled face design.


Hexagonal "armor" door pattern.


Strong, lightweight aluminum body.


Chain racks on each side with two loose shelves in the middle.


Lockable black whale tail handles.


Quarter-inch pin stainless steel hinges.


Weather-resistant rain gutter design with automotive bulb seal.


Flush-mount, 3-point, u-bolt lag mounting.


Suggested Mounting Kit: U-Bolt Mounting Kits: 17" Part #: 1906 or 21" Part #: 1907

Standard Dimensions:

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The Father of all Headache Racks

The Vader Rack is a formidable new headache rack from Iconic MetalGear. 

Built from the strong yet lightweight aluminum, this rack embodies the strength of the Dark Side without compromise. Chain racks on each side and two adjustable shelves in the center ensure the secure containment of your cargo.

The Vader Rack commands attention with its sleek, imposing angled face design. Its hexagonal “armor” door pattern adds a touch of ominous elegance while fortifying its resilience against the trials of the road.

Security is paramount. The Vader Rack is equipped with lockable black whale tail handles, ensuring that your cargo is secure on the road or at the truck stop. Quarter-inch pin stainless steel hinges ensure smooth operation.

Designed to withstand the harshest conditions, the Vader Rack features a weather-resistant rain gutter design, complemented by an automotive bulb seal.

The VADER rack is installed using our flush-mount, 3-point, u-bolt lag mounting system. For optimal installation, we recommend employing our suggested mounting kit: U-Bolt Mounting Kits, available in 17″ or 21″ options.

The Vader Rack is not merely an accessory – it is a symbol of dominance, embodying the indomitable spirit of the Dark Lord himself.

Suggested Mounting Kit:

P# 1315: U-Bolt Mounting Kits
Part #: 17 in: 1906, 21 in: 1907

P#1340: Bolts directly to truck frame; no mounting kit needed.

U-Bolt Mounting Kits:

Select a part number to view/download a product drawing.


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As stated in the NSC Standard 10:  Cargo Securement, Divsion 5 – Front End Structures – Application 23(3) A cab shield (Headache rack) is not and front end structure or part of a cargo securement system.  Therefore NO D.O.T. requirements/approvals are applicable.

  • Headache racks cannot meet the requirements of CFR 393.114.a. Cargo must be in contact with the front end structure for the CFR 393.114.a to apply.

Iconic MetalGear promotes that all operators be in compliance with all other load securement requirements as stated in 393.100 to 393.142.

“As per the Ministry of Transportations “Commercial Motor Vehicle Operator’s Safety Manual” the following applies:

Within Module 14 – Cargo Securement, it refers to requirements that are adopted from the National Safety Code (NSC) Standard 10, Cargo Securement, as the standard for securing loads in Ontario.  Referenced in the subsection “Requirements for Securement Devices” it talks to Front End structures and that the rules concerning this topic are included in NSC Standard 10.

NSC Standard 10:  Cargo Securement, Division 5- Front End Structures – Application 23(3) A cab shield (Headache rack) is not a front end structure or part of a cargo securement system.”

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