Boot Boxes

Boot Boxes For Trucks


Strong, lightweight aluminum construction.


Stainless steel hinges and locking t-handles.


Intended to be mounted on the frame behind the tractor cab.


A great place to store DPF, straps, chains and more.


22" (P#1813) and narrower fit between the legs of our headache racks.


6 Standard sizes to choose from.


Automotive bulb seal helps keep your contents secure and dry.

Smooth Aluminum Boot Boxes

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16 18 22 1808 26/11
20 18 22 1804 31/14
22 18 22 1813 33/15
24 18 22 1811 35/15
30 18 22 1803 42/19
36 18 22 1812 49/22

Coming soon…

In the meantime, you can contact us for mounting information.

Secure, Water Resistant Storage

Iconic MetalGear’s new boot boxes are built from the same strong, lightweight aluminum as our premier products. Intended to be mounted on the frame behind the tractor cab, our boot boxes are not only intended to hold your boots. These boot boxes are great places to store DPF, straps, and chains. Some of our boot boxes even fit between the legs of our headache racks (P#1813 and narrower), allowing for even more storage options. Featuring an attractive smooth aluminum finish, this box looks as good as it works.

Our boot boxes fit almost any requirement, and nearly every truck. Standard boot boxes are available in strong, lightweight smooth aluminum.

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