2-Bunk Load Leveller/96-Inch Ramp Kit

2-Bunk Load Leveller/96-Inch Ramp Kit


Strong, lightweight aluminum construction.


2x Aluminum ramps with pin-on ends.


4x Stake pockets supports for load levellers.


6x 5-inch Lumber securing clips.


1x 97-inch Aluminum skid seat.


23,500lbs max/axle Ramp capacities.

P#2002 Standard Features: 

8′ x 20″Aluminum ramps with pin-on ends2
20″Stake pockets supports for load levelers4
5″Lumber securing clips6
97″Aluminum skid seat1

Heavy-Duty Ramps Specs: 

Capacities23,500 lbs max/axle
Use:Ramps pin to trailer/stands

Adjustable Stands Specs:

Height18″ – 24″ adjustable
CompatibilityWorks with all Iconic Ramps
UseRamps pin to stands
IncludesBase, upper section, all pins and keepers

Don’t Be a One-Trick Pony

These ramps are built from incredibly strong, yet lightweight aluminum which makes them easy to use for nearly any application. Ramps easily attach to the back of most trailers through the use of our clever skid-seats and stands. Carrying your ramps with you is simple. Easy-to-mount hangers hang on the underside of the trailer that allow for easy access to the ramps.

Ramps are modular by design. The slope of the loading ramps can be easily modified through use of stands and additional ramps to make loading/unloading cargo easier if clearance or slope is an issue. These heavy-duty ramps virtually eliminate the need for a loading dock and/or a forklift.

These patented engineered multi-purpose ramps double as load levellers and have a capacity of 23,500lbs., allowing you to greatly broaden your service options.

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