PRODUCT TOUR: X-Pro ONE, One-Piece Aluminum Work Truck Pack

Feb 21, 2020Photos & Videos, Product Tours

Watch as Jason takes you through our smart one-piece, all aluminum work truck pack for pickups!

Thanks to Ridge Hill Ford for providing the brand new Ford F-350 Powerstroke we used in this video.

Our X-Pro ONE one-piece aluminum work truck packs are continuing to gain momentum in the industry. Customers love the flexibility and durability that the pack provides.

Watch the video above to learn more as Jason takes you through the features of this pack just prior to it’s final delivery to the customer.


X-Pro ONE Features:

1/8-inch Aluminum Construction:

We build all of our X-Pro truck packs with the same 1/8-inch (or thicker) military/marine grade aluminum that we build our semi truck products with; they’re built to last.


The pack shown in the video is our “Ski White” colour. However, we also have Matte Black and Gunmetal Grey finish options for you to choose from.

Front Compartment:

The front compartment shown on this pack is our standard full-width cross box, with an adjustable shelf. The shelf features an adjustable height, adjustable in two-inch increments. We can also implement some trays and/or pull-out drawers in this compartment if that better fits your requirements.

Middle Side Compartments:

The middle side compartments on the pack shown in the video includes another standard, adjustable height shelf. This shelf is also height adjustable in two-inch increments.

Rear Side Compartments:

The rear side compartments on this truck pack matches the middle compartment with another standard, adjustable height shelf, also adjustable in two-inch increments.

Rear Compartment:

This rack includes 9 LED lights, 6 large and 3 small. Lights are all pre-wired, and, on this rack, include approximately 6 feet of additional wire.

Stainless Steel Locking Handles & Hardware:

Stainless steel, lockable t-handles are included on each door. All hardware is also made from durable stainlesss steel.

Keep Your Tailgate:

The X-Pro ONE truck pack is made to fit inside the box of your truck with the tailgate up. This not only allows you to keep your tailgate on your truck, but it also adds an extra level of security for those who have a locking tailgate. Just lock the tailgate, and the back door of the pack has an added layer of security added.

Strong Doors:

Doors are braced for rigidity, and feature dual gas shocks for improved performance.

Weather Resistance:

We include high-quality automotive bulb seal around each door to help keep the elements out. We also build in a smart rain-gutter design to further help make this possible.

Ladder Rack Option (Not Shown):

We offer a regular and extended ladder rack option for each X-Pro ONE pack, even though it is not shown on the pack in this video.

Short, Regular and Long Box Sizes:

The X-Pro ONE fits most modern, full-size pickups. The pack shown in the video is one of our long box configurations. Want to know if there’s a version that will fit your truck? There probably is, but click here to check with us.


Learn More or Get Pricing:

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