PRODUCT TOUR: X-Pro Gullwing Pickup Truck Toolbox

Nov 14, 2018Product Tours

Watch as Jason Hardy takes you through the features of our X-Pro Gullwing Pickup Truck Toolbox.


X-Pro Gullwing Pickup Truck Toolbox Summary:

  • Fits most full-size, modern trucks.

  • Strong yet light weight marine-grade aluminum construction.

  • 2x thicker material than most other pickup truck toolboxes on the market.

  • Stainless steel hardware, including t-handle and heavy-duty piano hinge.

  • Weather-resistant design, including high quality automotive bulb seal.

  • 80lbs gas shocks hold strong in all weather.

  • No-drill mounting kit.

  • Included weather stripping for mounting helps protect your truck from damage – perfect for resale value or leases.

The X-Pro Gullwing toolbox provides a secure and stylish storage option for the back of full-size pickup trucks.

Built to meet the demands of any industry, this pickup truck toolbox is made from the same heavy-duty, yet lightweight, marine-grade aluminum as our semi truck accessories. At a thickness of .125 inches, this box is twice the thickness of most similar boxes on the market. Couple that with our innovative design, and you’ve got a toolbox that just might outlast your truck.

Feature-packed design.

Our toolbox features a “big mouth” design that allows for easy access and a greater carrying capacity. Access from the ground is comfortable thanks to our soft edge trim which prevents scratching your arms and damaging items that bump against it. Beefy stainless steel hardware is included throughout, including the key-lockable t-handles and piano hinges. A thick quarter-inch thick rubber mat helps to keep contents quiet and in place while you’re driving.

Conquer the elements and keep contents dry.

This pickup truck storage box is made for all seasons. 80lbs gas shocks hold strong in all weather and give the lids a nice solid feel. High quality automotive bulb seal provides water resistance to keep the elements out, and contents dry.

Fits YOUR truck.

We made it a priority that the X-Pro Gullwing box be a universal fit. As such, the box fits most modern full-size trucks thanks to a clever design and the included easy to install no-drill mounting kit. The mounting kit includes weather stripping, which is intended to help prevent damage by separating the toolbox from the truck bed. This is perfect for protecting your truck’s resale value, and for leases when your lease is up and you want to keep the box but not the truck.

All these features combine to create one of the highest quality pickup truck toolboxes you’ll find on the market. Get in touch with us to find out how to get yours today!

For more information on the toolbox, compatibility, and/or how to order, please contact us.

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