PRODUCT TOUR VIDEO: “Big Checker” Semi-Truck Enclosed Headache Rack

Sep 13, 2019Product Tours

We built a custom enclosed headache rack that we call “Big Checker”.

Jason recorded this video a short while ago exploring the features of the headache rack we call “Big Checker”. It only takes a second to realize why we call it this; it’s big, and it’s outer skin is entirely checkerplate aluminum. If checkerplate is your thing, then you’ll love this rack. If it’s not, then you may be happy to know that we could also make this rack in smooth aluminum if you wanted.

Enjoy the video!

Our enclosed headache racks are always built with a minimum of 1/8″ (.125″) thick, strong and lightweight military/marine grade aluminum. This rack, aptly called “Big Checker” is skinned almost entirely in checkerplate, with some smooth aluminum accessories throughout.

Rack Features:

Tarp Tray:

This headache rack includes a 1/8″ (.125″) thick aluminum tarp tray on top. This simple, but smart custom enclosed headache rack accessory is available for most enclosed headache racks upon request.

LED Light Cutouts:

Most often, we provide our own LED lighting. However, in this case, the customer wanted to use and install their own LED Lights for their headache rack. This was to ensure that if new lights were required, they could replace them faster by having their own lights already on-hand. Our in-house engineering team worked with them to decide where the lights would go, how many they needed, and what the installation process might look like once they received the rack and were installing it on the truck

Left & Right Cabinets:

On each side of the headache rack are two large interior cabinets. Inside of each cabinet you’ll find one chain hanger, and a cleverly designed, integrated 8-inch deep well to stop items from moving around too much while on the road, and to prevent stored items from spilling out when the door is opened post-transport.

Centre Cabinet:

One fixed-position shelf is included in this build, with another chain hanger underneath. The ability to have lots of chain hanging space was a high priority for this application, so we added this extra chain hanger in to oblige. Typically, our customers like to have two or three adjustable shelves in the centre compartments, but this is up to the customer at the time of order and differs from rack to rack.

Boot Box:

A boot box has been included with this headache rack as well. It sits on the truck deck and fits nicely between the headache rack’s legs. For what it’s worth, our 22-inch boot box models fit perfectly between the legs of our standard headache racks, with any lower size fitting as well, but the storage space isn’t quite as optimized as it could be with the full 22-inch width.

This boot box was customized slightly to be slightly deeper than standard. This was to achieve two things: One, a deeper box provides more storage; Two, a step was added just above the boot box door so that items on top of the rack (most likely a tarp) were more easily and safely accessible to the driver. A smart little safety feature!

Lower Side Boxes:

These are appearing more and more frequently on the headache racks we produce. Lower side boxes allow the driver to access the compartments without needing to climb on to the truck deck to access their tools. This is a faster, easier, and safer way to access frequently used stored items, and are a very good optional accessory for your truck.

So that’s “Big Checker”! A big ‘ol custom enclosed headache rack full of storage options that looks pretty badass installed on the truck.

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