PRODUCT TOUR VIDEO: 2X White Enclosed Headache Racks

Jul 19, 2019Photos & Videos

PRODUCT TOUR: 2x Powder Coated White Enclosed Headache Racks

Watch below as Jason takes you through Jason takes you through a couple of custom white powder coated enclosed headache racks we recently made for a customer.

Thest enclosed headache racks are built, as always, from 1/8″ strong yet lightweight military/marine grade aluminum. These particular ones are built from smooth aluminum and are powder coated in “smooth gloss white”. Both racks are 24-inches deep, and also include stainless steel hardware throughout. We’ll break down the features of each rack further:

Custom Enclosed Headache Rack #1:

Lower Side Cabinets:

Rack number one, and the primary subject in the video, includes a clever lower side cabinet. The height of this compartment is such that it enables the door to be accessed and used from the ground, without having to climb onto the deck of the truck to get the tools you need. What’s more, inside each of the lower side compartments we have fitted a pull out drawer with 500lbs slides to make access even easier. This is a great area to store chains, or anything else that is heavy and cumbersome.

LED Lights With Chrome Bezels:

Nine LED lights are included on this rack: six large and three small. The lights come fully wired with a wiring pigtail for easy installation on to the truck.

Left & Right Cabinets:

Each side cabinet offers two adjustable shelves, with adjustability of +/- two inch increments. Chain racks are also available as well, but are not included or shown on these racks.

Centre Cabinet:

One adjustable shelf is included here, again, featuring adjustability of +/- two inch increments.


This rack includes our flush mount design, allowing the rack to extend to nearly the top of the frame of the truck. This allows for easy accessibility from the ground, and a nice sleek look and finish once installed.

Custom Enclosed Headache Rack #2:

“Standard” Design:

Our “standard” enclosed racks feature three cabinets and no jail bar window, which is the main point of difference between this enclosed headache rack and headache rack #1.

Same Setup As Rack #1, Except for One thing…

Rack #2 features the same setup as rack #1, except the centre cabinet is full height.

Centre Cabinet:

The centre cabinet has three adjustable shelves that are adjustable +/- two inch increments.


So there you have it! Two new custom enclosed headache racks ready for installation on to their new owner’s trucks.


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