PRODUCT TOUR: Twin Custom Enclosed Headache Racks With Stainless Steel Doors

Mar 20, 2020Photos & Videos

Check out this 1.5 minute product tour video as Jason takes you through the features of this pair of custom enclosed headache racks.

We build a lot of enclosed headache racks, but it’s not often that we build two custom ones that are exactly the same – even for the same customer. Often, even racks made for the same customer will feature some sort of difference from one to the other, however major or minute.

The sheer amount of customization options that a MetalGear enclosed headache rack provides is likely part of the reason for this. Each truck and/or driver has it’s/their own unique job to do, so their needs are different. It makes sense.

However, in this case, we had two racks almost ready to ship. Jason put them side-by-side and did a quick one-and-a-half-minute-long product tour showing the features of each of these racks.

Check it out below!

For those of you who prefer to read instead of watch or listen, I’ve provided a feature breakdown below for your reading pleasure:

Aluminum Body:

These racks, like almost all of the racks before it, is built from out 1/8-inch thick military/marine grade aluminum. This allows us to make a strong body for the headache rack, while still keeping the weight relatively low.

Stainless Steel Doors:

When these racks are unwrapped, probably the most striking feature of the rack will be the mirror finish stainless steel doors. They’re one-piece of 14-gauge 304 stainless steel, not a “skin” like we’ve done previously on other projects. These doors will be beautiful!

LED Light Cutouts:

For this rack, the customer wanted to supply their own LED lights, so we made cut outs to accomodate them. The customer will install the lights themselves when the rack is installed on the truck.

Jail Bar Window:

For both of these racks, the drivers needed to retain a view out of their rear windows. We included a jail bar window at their desired dimensions to accomodate.

Flip-Up Top Compartment:

This design just keeps showing up on our custom racks lately, and it’s for good reason. The full-width flip-up top cabinet is a great place to store items, and when you add in two gas shocks to hold the door open, access is super easy.

Driver Side Compartment:

Inside the driver-side compartment of this rack are a set of three adjustable height shelves. At the bottom, you’ll find an 8-inch deep well so that items can be stored without bumping against the door, and a section divider to keep items in their place.

Centre Compartment:

The centre compartment on this headache rack is “open”, and includes the same 8-inch deep well and section dividers.

Passenger Side Compartment:

The passenger-side compartment of this rack features a chain hanger up top, with the same chain well setup as the driver side and centre compartments.

Small Bottom Boxes:

This rack truly uses as much space as possible to store items. These lower side boxes are a great place to store smaller items that need to be accessed from the ground.


These racks feature 1/4-inch pin stainless steel hinges, and lockable stainless steel door handles. Heavy-duty automotive bulb seal surrounds each door for weather resistance.

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