PRODUCT TOUR: “Terra Works” Headache Rack With Cabinets & Custom Text LED Light Bar

Jun 26, 2020Photos & Videos, Product Tours

Terra Works used our Headache Rack Builder to build a headache rack for their truck, and the result is awesome!

Terra Works found our headache rack builder, and designed a headache rack that fit the needs of their truck and their business. They even carried some of their branding VIA a custom backlit text light bar.

The rack itself includes the same standard 1/8-inch minimum thickness aluminum that we use on almost all of our class 8 truck accessories, and has some of our standard accessories on board, but is one that certainly needs to seen because the package itself came together amazingly.

The checkerplate look is rugged, and does interesting things to the LED lighting making for an interesting and badass appearance on the rack. We can’t wait to see what it will look like when installed on the truck, and on the job site.

So check it out in this customized flat rack in the just under two minute video below. Jason will take you through each feature, and you’ll have a better idea of just how badass this rack is!

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Custom Flat Headache Rack With Cabinets & Custom Text Light Bar Features:

Let our man Jason walk you through the features of this custom flat rack in the video above. Or, if you prefer to read over watching or listening, we’ll break down each feature in an easy point-form list for your reference.

  • Checkerplate 1/8-inch thick aluminum construction.
  • Custom backlit text light bar, featuring the customer’s product name; “Terra Works”. We could also do your personal handle, truck name, or anything else you can think of.
    • LEDs are red, and waterproof.
  • Our new Hexagonal EZ-View window is included in the centre of this rack, and it looks badass.
  • Left and right side cabinets with our standard chain hangers inside with chain well below in each cabinet.
  • Lower left and right side cabinets for easy access from the ground.

Have questions? Want to order a flat rack like this for your truck?

Check out or headache rack builder, or get in touch with us, we’d love to help!

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