PRODUCT TOUR: Flat Headache Rack with Cabinets & LED Light Bar

Apr 17, 2020Photos & Videos

Another product tour of a standard flat rack with cabinets and an LED light bar.

Watch below as Jason takes you through the features of this flat headache rack, featuring a bunch of cabinets, and a cool LED Light Bar. This rack is one of our more standard offerings that can be built in our headache rack builder, but still provides a lot of storage options for its user.

Take a look at the video below, it’s about 1.75 minutes:

For those of you who would rather read than watch or listen, here’s a breakdown of the headache rack’s features:

Smooth 1/8-inch (or thicker) Aluminum Construction

Like all of our class 8 semi truck storage accessories, this headache rack is built from our military/marine grade aluminum. We almost never use a thickness of less than 1/8-inch (.125″) which is one of the major things that makes our racks one of the toughest on the market.

Jail Bar Window

A standard jail bar window is also included on this rack, which aligns with the truck’s window to provide vision out the back window.

LED Light Bar

Our standard set of optional nine LED lights with chrome bezels are found on this rack as well. These lights are pre-wired and provide brake, signal, and clearance lighting for the truck and headache rack.

Lower Side Boxes

This customer, like many others, wanted to be able to access items from the ground that they use often. To achieve this, we included these lower side boxes on both sides of the headache rack. Each box has an “open storage” design to increase the user’s storage options.

Passenger Side Cabinet

The passenger side cabinet on this headache rack includes three adjustable height shelves. Ususally, two shelves are standard, but this customer wanted one more and we were happy to oblige. Each shelf is adjustable in height in two-inch increments, up or down.

Centre Cabinet

The centre cabinet on this rack is, like the lower side boxes, “open storage” for flexibility and convenience. Depending on the height of this centre cabinet, we can, occasionally, include a shelf in this compartment as well. However, this was not required in this case.

Driver Side Cabinet

The driver side cabinet includes a chain hanger and an 8-inch deep well. The well allows for more storage of items in the bottom of the rack, and also helps prevent the items from moving around too much and leaning against the door.

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