PRODUCT TOUR: Enclosed Checkerplate Aluminum Headache Rack With “Smugglers Cabinet”

Feb 14, 2020Announcements

Due to the location of the jail bar window on this enclosed headache rack, we had some extra space for a cabinet. Here’s what we came up with.

Watch below as Jason takes you through this cleverly customized enclosed headache rack, with some smart storage options to make the most of the space we had.

The customized enclosed semi truck headache rack is similar to what has become a very popular design for us. Typically, racks of this design don’t have the small cabinet above the window. This time, due to the location of the jail bar window, we added in an extra door in the space we had. We called it “The Smugglers Cabinet”.

Because, you know, storage is important!

Customized Enclosed Rack Features:

1/8-inch Aluminum Construction:

As with most of our product line, this headache rack features 1/8-inch thick military/marine grade aluminum. The body is built from smooth aluminum, and the doors/face of the rack are checkerplate.

Jailbar Window:

A jailbar style window is included on this rack, in a customized location as per the dimensions from the customer to ensure they could see out the back window of their truck cab.

Main Left/Right Cabinets:

The largest cabinets are on the left and right side of the jailbar on this rack. Inside of each of these cabinets, you find a shelf up top, chain racks below, and an 8-inch deep chain well at the bottom.

Centre Cabinets:

The centre cabinet below the jailbar window features open storage, with an 8-inch deep well. Above the jail bar, we had additional space. Rather than just having a “dead” panel, we figured why not add a small additional door and compartment to add some additional storage capabilities to this rack. Why not, right?

Top Cabinet:

The top cabinet spans the full width of the rack. The door includes the LED lights built right into the door itself, allowing us to maximize the storage space we can offer, as well as include the lights the customer wanted.

LED Lighting:

This rack includes 9 LED lights, 6 large and 3 small. Lights are all pre-wired, and, on this rack, include approximately 6 feet of additional wire.


This rack is an excellent example of how we can adjust our enclosed racks to fulfill almost any need for behind the cab storage. We’ll slide as much storage as possible into your enclosed rack, which will help you store more items, and keep them more organized.

For more information on this headache rack, including pricing, pleases contact us.


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