PRODUCT TOUR: Black Flat Headache Rack with LED Light Bar, Side Cabinets, and 50 GAL Hydraulic Tank

Jun 19, 2020Photos & Videos, Product Tours

In our latest product tour video, Jason covered this really cool black headache rack and it’s Big Mouth little brother.

How cool are these two!?

This creative customer ordered a custom flat headache rack with hydraulic tank, and wanted a big mouth step box to match it. They’re both essentially standard items, but with some custom features. Jason does a great job outlining what sets each item apart in the video, so I won’t ruin it for you here.

We can’t wait to see what these productlook like installed on their intended truck. We have some assumptions of what it will look like, but there’s nothing quite like seeing the real thing!

Jason outlines the features of each of these products, specifically the headache rack, in the 2.5 minute video below:

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Black Flat Headache Rack with LED Lights, Side Cabinets, and 50 GAL Hydraulic Tank Features:

Jason, the video host, takes you through each of the features of this custom headache rack (and big mouth step box) in the video above, but in case reading is more your speed, we’ve written down the rack’s core features and will list them for you below.

  • Smooth 1/8-inch thick aluminum construction.
  • Top light bar with six large LED lights with chrome bezels on each side, and three smaller LED lights with chrome bezels in the middle, for a total of 9 lights.
  • Left and right side cabinets, with mirror-finish stainless steel doors. Standard chain racks are included inside.
  • Custom dime light LED “strips” (5 lights per side) are included down the outsides of each cabinet.
  • Jail bar window included in the centre for view out the rear of the customer’s truck window.
  • Load light tabs are included on the outermost corners of the rack.
  • 50 gallon hydraulic tank included on this rack, but we could also do a 30 or 70 gallon tank in this configuration.
  • Brackets included behind this headache rack for simple storage of shovels, rakes, etc.
  • Rubber grommet and included 8-foot long pigtail helps with wiring the rack to the truck.

If you watch the video, you may also notice that this customer requested a big mouth step box to match his new headache rack. This is a standard 12-inch wide step box that we had painted black to match the rack.

Have questions? Want to order a big mouth, or a flat rack and hydraulic tank combo like this for your truck?

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