PRODUCT TOUR: Big Mouth Step Boxes – Our Widest & Narrowest Models

Mar 27, 2020Photos & Videos

Jason takes you through to features of our Big Mouth Step Boxes, showing off our widest and narrowest models.

Our Big Mouth Step Boxes continue to saturate the market as more and more fleets and drivers realize the massive benefits that they offer. They function almost exactly the same as a traditional step box, except for the door design.

Traditional step box lids open toward the user and only the front angled “face” of the box opens. This can make it difficult to see all of the contents in the box, and makes accessing and storing items much more difficult.

With the Big Mouth Step Boxes, we’ve increased the opening size of the box by 50% by extending the opening below the top step of the box. This larger substantially larger opening makes seeing, accessing, and storing items easier than ever, regardless of the size of the box.

This change also allows the lid to open “up” or “away” from the user, keeping it up and out of the way while the box is being used.

For a complete list of features, check out this quick 1:47 minute video as Jason takes you through a full tour of our widest (36-inch) and narrowest (12-inch) Big Mouth Step Box Models.

For those of you who prefer to read instead of watch or listen, we’ll outline the features Jason mentions below:

Big Mouth Step Box Features:

50% Larger Opening:

As mentioned above, our Big Mouth Step Boxes have a 50% larger opening over traditional step boxes, giving them the largest openings in the industry. This translates to easier visibility, access, and storage of stored items.

100% Aluminum Body:

Our entire class 8 truck accessory lineup is made from minimum 1/8-inch thick aluminum, and these toolboxes are no exception. This allows us to make a lightweight box that is also tough as hell and up to any job.

High Quality Automotive Bulb Seal:

Heavy-duty 5/8-inch thick automotive bulb seal surrounds the opening of each box for weather resistance, helping to ensure that stored items stay dry in even the most inclement weather.

New Step Tread:

Our new tread design debuted in 2019 and continues to be a hit. The tread looks OEM, and provides excellent grip while stepping while still being gentle on boot/shoe soles (and your dog’s feet, too).

Door Finishes Available:

We offer smooth and checkerplate aluminum as standard door finish options, but we can also do mirror-finish stainless steel doors as well. Contact us for more information on those, or check out this recent video and blog post about them.

7 Standard Sizes Available:

As of the time of writing this post, we offer 7 sizes (widths) of Big Mouths ranging from 12 to 36-inch widths. The available sizes, as of now, are: 12, 16, 18, 22, 24, 30 and 36 inches.


Learn More or Get Pricing:

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