NEW! Polished Stainless Steel Headache Rack

Mar 4, 2015New Products

NEW! Polished Stainless Steel Headache Rack

New from Iconic MetalGear is our three-door, enclosed, stainless steel headache rack.


  • Aluminum body
  • stainless steel doors with a mirror stainless finish (with x-effect)
  • chrome whale-tail style handles that are lockable and padlock-friendly
  • stainless steel hinges with heavy-duty 1/4″ pin fasteners
  • automotive bulb seal
  • rain gutter design
  • 3-point U-bolt lag mounting system
  • chain racks on each side
  • loose shelf in the middle.

Photos and video available below:

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Click HERE for more details on our enclosed headache racks.

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