Our Top 5 Most Liked Headache Racks on Instagram

Sep 11, 2020Photos & Videos

Check out our top 5 most liked headache racks on Instagram (So far!)

Since we started posting on Instagram more frequently, we’ve been posting as many photos of our coolest semi truck storage products as possible. In doing so, some clear trends have developed. When we were working to compile this list we looked at our most liked posts of all time. The result was clear: the most liked products that we’ve posted so far are headache racks. Especially shiny ones.

We’re only a couple of years into our Instagram account – or at least taking it more seriously. Instagram continues to pick up speed in the trucking industry, with some incredibly beautiful trucks and trucking-related products being posted on a daily basis. We’re happy to have joined the platform, and are working on growing our platform organically.

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Check our our list below of our most liked semi truck headache racks below.

NOTE: Results below are not cumulative. Some racks and rack styles have been posted more than others, so less posted racks would have been at a disadvantage. So, if a certain rack style had multiple highly-liked posts, we took the first result and skipped the other ones until we found the next rack.

5. Black Roll-Up Door Headache Rack & Hydraulic Tank Combo (With LED Lights!)

It’s no surprise to us that the Roll-Up Door Headache Rack made the cut as one of our most liked headache racks on Instagram. It continues to be one of our most popularly-purchased headache racks, and this particular rack is an even more badass version of it.

Standard racks have a “raw aluminum” finish, so there’s something about this black powder coat finish that really sets this rack off. Couple it with the contrast of the LED lights and the addition of a 30-gal hydraulic tank and you’ve got one badass headache rack that’s bound to turn heads and get some likes on social media.

4. Smooth Aluminum Flat Headache Rack

All of our flat racks look amazing, but there’s something about this rack in this photo. Everything about this rack just looks clean and high-end. It’s easy to imagine it on your truck. This also happens to be one of the more popular configurations we sell of this rack style, so it makes sense that it makes this list.

Interesting fact: this exact rack can be build in under two minutes on our interactive, online headache rack builder. We’ll send you a price soon after you submit!

3. Stainless Steel Enclosed Headache Rack & Hydraulic Tank Combo

This rack and this truck are bad ass. They work together to create a badass photo, that recieved a bit of Photoshop love from our graphics department. And, (spoiler alert) it’s the first of two of this customer’s headache racks to make this list.

To say this customer’s taste in headache racks is “really good” would be an understatement. But you’ll have to keep reading to see exactly why we say that…

This rack is a basic “box” enclosed headache rack design with stainless steel doors. It also includes some lower side boxes for easy access from the ground. The jail bar window allows him to see out the back, and our standard LED package really makes the whole package pop.

2. Smooth Aluminum Headache Rack & Hydraulic Tank Combo with Side Cabinets

Another flat headache rack makes the list (we figured it’s different enough to note be the same as the previous one), and the damn thing almost took the top spot. It’s the third most liked post we’ve ever posted, and it’s been up for the shortest amount of time. There’s something about this headache rack and this truck that people seem to love, and it’s easy to see why.

This truck and headache rack says “clean”, “professional” and “high quality” the same way that it says “ready for work”. And that’s a big thing. We build our products to look great, yes, but we want them to perform over the long haul. This photo says that best, we think, and that’s probably a lot of the reason this photo has done so well on social media for us.

Yet another hydraulic tank makes the list here, too. And, like the other flat rack in this list, you can build it in under two minutes using our online headache rack builder.

1. Angled Face Stainless Steel Headache Rack

The hands-down, no contest most liked photo on our Instagram is this one – our Angled Face Stainless Steel Headache Rack. This rack, and the multiple versions of it that we’ve posted dominate the top of the list of our most liked photos.

I’m not even going to explain why – it’s obvious. These racks are beautiful, and is the second of the racks to make this list owned by this customer (you know, the one we mentioned had great taste earlier).

A lot of people ask us if this truck is used for work or for shows. The answer is both. This customer takes great care of his equipment, and as a result is able to keep this beautiful headache rack looking beautiful for miles and miles and for show after show.

We make multiple sizes and versions of this type of rack. Check out it’s product page on our website, or contact us to learn more.

Hourable Mention: Stainless Steel Enclosed Rack (“Monster Rack”)

The Monster Rack didn’t quite make the top 5, but photos of this beauty dominate the upper middle part of our all-time most liked list so we had to at least give it an honourable mention.

It’s a beautiful, MASSIVE headache rack with an aluminum body and almost 100% covered in mirror-finish, non-directional stainless steel skin. The version pictured above also has a hydraulic tank, which is a unique addition to the Monster rack.

A version of this rack was included on the show “The Lifted Life” which is available on Amazon Prime Video.

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