Online Headache Rack Builder Demo: Let’s Build Headache Racks!

Jul 23, 2021Photos & Videos

Design and build your next flat/open headache rack with our interactive, online headache rack builder!

Since the launch of our headache rack builder a few years ago, we’ve seen hundreds – if not thousands – of submissions featuring every configuration of headache rack imaginable. We’ve seen everything from blank, base-only racks to fully decked out steups with custom text light bars, full cabinets, custom text LED light bars and hydraulic tanks.

The creativity never ceases to impress.

The cooler part for us is watching the racks that are commonly made, and tailoring our standard offerings to accomodate.

There are obvious trends and popular items that have emerged, and that gave us an idea. We’ve amassed a collection of product photos and videos over the years, which exceeds even the amount of rack builder submissions we’ve received. So we thought we’d pair some of the cooler, or more popular headache racks we’ve seen designed in the builder with photos of those same racks one built and/or installed.

We put it together in a collage-type video, showing how the rack can be built in our builder, and then how it looks when completed or installed.

The result is this slightly under three-minute video showing exactly that. Enjoy, and let’s build some headache racks!

Want to start building your next headache rack?

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