Non-Identical Twins: A Product Tour of a Pair of Enclosed Rack/Tank Combos

Sep 25, 2020Photos & Videos, Product Tours

Vanilla or Chocolate? Smooth or Checker? 

We build a lot of headache racks in this style, but it’s not often that we have two so close in build and features that are ready to ship – and ready to shoot video of – at the same time. So, when these two nearly identical headache racks became available, we jumped at the opportunity and filmed them side-by-side.

To put it simply, these racks are certainly worth a look. These racks are typically available in three finishes (checkerplate aluminum, smooth aluminum, and stainless steel) and this is a rare opportunity to take a look at both options in one short video.

So, in this, our latest product tour video, Jason takes you through the features of these two enclsoed rack/tank combos that are nearly identical in features, but different in finishes. Check them both out in the below 2-minute, 19-second product tour video.



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Double Enclosed Headache Rack/Tank Combos Features

In case video isn’t your thing, you don’t have audio turned on, or just for an at-a-glace record, we’ve transcribed below the features that these racks share, and what makes them different.

What’s the same?

  • Minimum 1/8-inch thick military/marine-grade aluminum construction.
  • Stainless steel hardware and hinges.
  • Each side cabinet has chain racks and a chain well.
  • Flip up door at the top of each rack, with gas shocks to hold it open.
  • Jail bar window
  • Cabinet below the window is “open” storage for flexibility.
  • 30 gallon hydraulic tank between the legs of each rack.
  • Lower side boxes are also included on each rack for easy access to contents from the ground.

What’s different?

  • One rack is built from smooth aluminum, the other from checkerplate aluminum.
  • One rack includes LED lights, the other only has the cutouts and the customer has opted to supply their own.
  • The smooth version of this rack’s jail bar window is slightly different. It features one horizontal bar that the owner is going to use for their line straps.

So you can see that these racks are almost identical in build. Not identical twins, but pretty close!

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