NEW VIDEO: Customized Roll-Up Door Headache Rack Product Tour

Nov 1, 2019Photos & Videos, Product Tours

This customer wanted to customize their Roll-Up Door Headache Rack. Here’s what we came up with!

Watch below as Jason takes you through this customized roll-up door headache rack in our latest product tour video!

The customized roll-up door headache rack is essentially a standard roll-up door rack with a clever compartment added up top. Built from the same 1/8″ strong, lightweight military/marine grade aluminum, this rack is built to last, and includes some clever safety features on top of it’s vast storage options. We’ll break down the features of this rack below.

Customized Roll-Up Door Rack Features:

Roll-Up Door:

The main feature of this rack is the anodized aluminum roll-up door. This style of door rolls up to allow for complete and easy access to the entire interior of the rack with just a simple, one-handed roll up of the door. It’s no swing design means that it will never swing and bonk you in the head, or knock you off the deck of the truck.

This door is also the same model as you’ll find on Emergency Services vehicles across North America, so you can be sure that it is high quality and built to last.

Grab Handles:

This rack includes the same grab handles as our standard roll-up door racks. These sturdy grab handles help you get up and down from the truck deck easier and more safely.

Main Interior:

The main interior of this roll-up door headache rack includes the standard roll-up door rack configuration: dual chain hangers and two adjustable shelves, that can easily move up or down in two-inch increments as required. The bottom of this rack includes a deep “well” that can accommodate extra “loose” items as required.

Top Cabinet:

The custom feature of this headache rack! The idea for this compartment came from another enclosed headache rack we’ve made previously. It features a similar design where the lights are also included in the door of the compartment. This door flips upward, and is an open storage area – ideal for tarps or other large items that aren’t too heavy or cumbersome.

LED Lighting:

This rack features a total of nine LED lights. Six large LEDs, and three smaller ones – all with nice chrome bezels. These lights are cleverly built into the door of this compartment, and are all wired up and ready to go!


This rack is an excellent example of how a relatively small customization to our standard products can create something that not only looks badass, but can add additional storage options that is even better suited to your truck, your business, and/or your lifestyle.

For more information on this headache rack, including pricing, pleases contact us.


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