NEW STANDARD PRODUCT: Angled Stainless Steel Enclosed Headache Rack

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NEW STANDARD PRODUCT TOUR: Angled Stainless Steel Enclosed Headache Rack

Watch the video below as Jason takes you through our newest standard product addition: the angled stainless steel enclosed headache rack.

Could this rack be the ultimate head-turner on the highway?

Maybe! We’ve never had a standard product quite like this one, but since you guys liked it so much we decided to make it happen. This rack is built, as always, from the 1/8-inch thick strong, lightweight miltary/marine grade aluminum. However, this time there’s a sexy twist; 14 gauge mirror finish stainless steel doors and “skins” that can be seen throughout. Jason takes you through it in the video, but in case reading is more your thing, we break it down below as well:

Angled Stainless Steel Enclosed Headache Rack Features:

LED Lights With Chrome Bezels:

This rack is loaded with LED lights (can you ever have too many though?). Featuring 8 LED Dime lights up each side of the rack, and nine LED lights up top, this thing is bright when it’s all lit up. The lights can easily be wired up for brakes, turn signals, etc. Oh, and they look badass!

Jailbar Window:

We built a jailbar window into this rack which we’ve finished off with stainless steel panels on the inside for a nice touch. This model can also be made available without the window as well. Just ask before ordering.

Left & Right Cabinets Interior:

Inside this rack’s side cabinets is essentially everything you need: one shelf up top per side, one chain rack per side, and a deep well in the bottom on each side as well. These can also be customized before ordering as well if you need a more specific configuration to fit your needs.

Centre Cabinet Interior:

In the centre cabinet we’ve included two adjustable shelves that are adjustable up and down in two-inch increments so you can get your shelves exactly where you need them in order to maximize your storage capabilities. There is also a similar well in the bottom area.

Stainless Steel Hardware:

All the hardware on this headache rack is built from heavy-duty stainless steel, and designed to last a long time.


Mounting this rack is simple with our flush mount design. This allows the rack to sit and bolt directly on the frame allowing for easy installation and a sleek look once installed. We’ve even included a stainless steel panel on the front to cover up the “business” of the mounting, just to finish it off even nicer.


That’s our new stainless rack in a nutshell. We know you’re going to love it. We wanted to make something awesome, that represents and showcases the pride we take in what we do.

If you want one, you can use the links below to get one, and be sure to contact us if you have any questions.


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