NEW! Iconic Ramps: Heavy-duty ramps from Iconic MetalGear

Oct 2, 2014New Products

rampsmain-headNow available in Canada and new to our product line is the addition of Heavy-Duty Iconic Ramps. With a max capacity of 32,000 lbs, these heavy-duty ramps feature almost unlimited uses in the transport industry. They allow for your reefer truck, flatbed, step deck and/or gooseneck trailer to greatly widen it’s load capabilities without the need for a loading dock or forklift. These multi-use, Iconic ramps mount directly to your trailer during use and are securely stored on the side of your trailer when not being used.

Certain ramps are designed to have multiple uses. For example, some ramps double as load levelers. Some are also modular in design, allowing for various slopes in order to maximize the ease of loading difficult loads.

Iconic ramps are the strongest, lightest, most affordable ramps available in the industry today that do not compromise on quality. While these ramps already have multiple uses, custom options are available. For more information, or to inquire about custom heavy-duty iconic ramp options please contact us and we’ll help you out.

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