Mike Teskey and His Badass “Purple Star Car”

Sep 24, 2021Photos & Videos, Truck Stories

Trucker Stories Q&A: Mike Teskey

In the first edition of “Trucker Stories”, we’ve caught up with Mike Teskey, long-time multiple Iconic MetalGear product user, and owner of one badass rig he calls “The Purple Star Car”. We asked him some questions about life, trucking, and his experience with MetalGear products.

Mike Teskey's Custom Iconic MetalGear Headache Rack

Mike, thanks for taking the time to do this Q&A with us. Tell us about yourself!

Ever since I was young I’ve been around the trucking industry. Both my parents drove, and I always took the chance to go on trips. My mother taught me alot about flatbed/heavy haul from hauling general freight to over dimensional freight, and my dad ran general dry freight in a van. Both ran coast to coast and I saw the everything from the west coast mountains to the east coast beaches. I just knew this would be what I wanted to do.

So, 9 years ago I started driving.

I got my feet wet in dry van freight to start, but knew where I belonged was in heavy haul. After one year of van freight I got the chance to pursue open deck, hauling a lot of machines for local rental companies and enjoyed every minute of it. Now, today, I’ve been running my own truck hauling anything that will sit on an open deck trailer.

Mike Teskey's Purple Star Car

Why did you choose trucking as your career?

I didn’t quite choose trucking in the beginning – I tried different jobs beforehand. I tried the 9 to 5 life but I always hated doing the same thing day in day out. That pushed me to get into trucking so I could support my family the best way I knew how.

What do you love about Trucking?

Personally I love the freedom and being able to meet some great people from all over North america. Whether it’s just meeting them at my deliveries, or even the new friends I’ve made at a couple different truck shows I go to.

Do you have any cool, funny, interesting, or inspiring stories from your time on the road?

To be truthful every trip and every conversation out on the road brings a good memory. In an indirect way, it was my mother showing me to never give up on my path, always to push forward and be the best you can be that now pushes me harder to succeed now that since she is no longer here.

What are your future goals or aspirations for your trucking career?

My goal in this industry is to eventually run a small fleet of trucks and set a path for my son to enjoy once he’s ready for it. I’ve always dreamed of having my own name on the door and I hope one day I will have it in place.

Tell us about your truck!

Currently I’m running a 2021 Western star 4900ex with a custom two tone paint; Purple metallic pearl and black. I have an air ride front axle with dump valve 16′ drop visor, lowride half fenders, and a custom built Enclosed 5-door Iconic MetalGear Headache Rack. I’ve also installed red underglow to light up the road way and purple lights inside the cab. I have ideas for other things to add, it’s just a matter of when and how am I going to do it. For the most part, the truck is basic in a sense.

You said you’ve got one of our headache racks on your truck! Tell us about it!

For both trucks I’ve owned I’ve had Iconic MetalGear products on them. On my first truck, I ran two 30″ big mouth boxes on the frame and a 9″ flat-bottomed inframe box. I like the fact that the weather seal around the lids does a very good job at keeping snow, salt, and dirt out of the boxes.

When ordering my Western Star, it was a no-brainer that I would order an Iconic MetalGear rack and so far it’s held up to the work I put it through.

Mike Teskey's Custom Iconic MetalGear Headache Rac

Why did you choose Iconic for your truck?

I picked Iconic for the pure fact that it’s a local company to me and I know the product. I have used other products and they just don’t have the durability that I find with Iconic MetalGear products. Plus, I also find Iconic provides a nicer clean style to their products than most.

Mike Teskey's Custom Iconic MetalGear Headache Rac

How does your MetalGear product help you out on the road?

I’m able to fill my headache rack with all my gear I need for each load I haul. My chains/binders, straps, and all of all my flags and signs for different over dimensional loads.

Let’s do some rapid-fire questions. Just say the first thing that comes to your mind:

Best truck manufacturer: Right now I have to say Western star. They still provide a service for the rugged jobs

Best truck stop you’ve been to: It’s hard for me to pick just one truck stop for the fact I’ve been to many that I truly enjoyed. But, to narrow it down, any mom and pa truck stop with good home cooked meals will always win for me over these fast food craze truck stops now days.

Worst road/highway/interstate to drive on: The worst area I find to drive for road condition is pretty much the east coast, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York.. as well as parts of Michigan (I-69 I-94)

Area with the worst traffic: honestly the worst city to drive thru is Atlanta, GA. It’s always bumper to bumper traffic and it just seems everyone is in a rush to get nowhere and cause the back ups to worsen

Biggest pet peeve while driving: Plain and simple it has to be the lack of professionalism/attention from some drivers on the road.. it just seems like everyone is glued to their phones now-a-days. It’s a all for me attitude on the roads.

Favourite thing about being a truck driver: My favorite thing for me is being able to take my family on trips. I truly enjoy seeing their excitement when they a seeing different places for the first time.. and just making good memories with my wife and son.

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