“Legacy Equipment” Flat Headache Rack with 5 CABINETS & CUSTOM TEXT LIGHT BAR!

Feb 12, 2021Photos & Videos, Product Tours

A perfect example of how you can use our flat headache racks to achieve enclosed rack features (with a cool custom twist).

This customer jumped on our headache rack builder and speced out a headache rack that would suit the needs of their truck and/or business, Legacy Equipment.

This flat headache rack features our custom text light bar, which is you can play with on the builder. It’s a great way to add some custom personality and/or identification to your otherwise standard headache rack. It’s a really cool option that we offer!

This rack also inlcudes a collection of five cabinets that you’ve got to see if you’re looking for a way to get enclosed rack functionality on your flat headache racks.

But I won’t get too far into a description of this rack here, because Jason does a great job of going over it’s features in the short two-minute product tour video below.



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“Legacy Equipment” Flat Headache Rack with 5 Cabinets and Custom Text Light Bar Features:

Jason does a great job in the two minute video above of taking you through the main features of this headache rack, but we’ll also transcribe them below for your reading pleasure.

  • Smooth 1/8-inch thick aluminum construction.
  • Military/marine-grade aluminum.
  • Custom text light bar included. “LEGACY EQUIPMENT” cut out and backlit with red, waterproof LED lights.
  • Left & right main compartments with a chain rack in each side with a deep chain well included below for chains to collect in.
  • Centre cabinet has a pair of adjustable shelves, adjustable up or down in two-inch increments.
  • Two lower side boxes included on each side of the headache rack make a set of useful storage areas available from the ground.

Have questions? Want to order a flat rack with cabinets and custom light bar like this for your truck?

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