Large Custom Cross Box with HUGE DRAWERS & CUSTOM INTERIOR!

Jan 29, 2021Photos & Videos, Product Tours

This cross box has one of the coolest interiors we’ve made thus far!

While we offer a number of standard cross boxes, we find ourselves often making custom ones. This one is the perfect example of a custom cross box, with a pretty decked out interior.

Our cross boxes are touted as “the ultimate straight truck storage accessory”, as they provide an excellent amount of storage options that is, often, accessible from either side of the vehicle. They’re very smart, and very convenient.

If the boxes our customers need isn’t standard, we build them to their specs. We always use our minimum 1/8-inch thick military/marine-grade aluminum, but the dimensions and interiors vary widely based on customer needs. We offer everything from j-hooks, to shelves, to custom pull-out drawers and more.

This one is a great example of some of the features we can drop into your next cross box. Take a look at the two minute video product tour below!



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Large Custom Cross Box with HUGE DRAWERS & CUSTOM INTERIOR:

Jason takes you through the features of this large, custom cross box with some pretty awesome custom interior features. We’ve also transcribed the features below for those who prefer to read instead of watch or listen:

  • Checkerplate 1/8-inch thick aluminum construction.
  • Wide, custom dimensions made to customer’s specs.
  • Removable pull-out trays in the bottom of the main compartment.
  • Three large, deep, divided pull-out drawers fill out the remainder of this main side of the box.
  • 200lbs drawer slides (option to double up for additional capacity).
  • The other side includes shelves with dividers, a pull-out drawer in the bottom, and a “locker-style” compartment as well.

Have questions? Want to order a cross box like this for your truck?

Get in touch with us, we’d love to help!

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