KEEP YOUR TOOLS: The Beefed Up Security Features of a MetalGear Cam-Lock Toolbox

Feb 5, 2021Product Tours

The beefed up security features of a MetalGear Cam-Lock Toolbox.

(Updated February 5, 2021)

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The underbody toolbox is undoubtedly a staple in the semi truck storage accessory and straight truck storage accessory market. Most trucks you see on the road have them. The sad truth is that a lot of them have underbody boxes that have either gone bad and broken, have been damaged from a successful or attempted robbery, or were damaged by another means.

So we made the Cam-Lock underbody box, and we were one of the first to do it. We offer them standard in smooth aluminum and checkerplate aluminum finishes, in sizes ranging from as small as 24x24x24 (LxWxH) to as large as 72x36x24 (LxWxH).

These boxes allow truckers, fleets, and transportation professionals the opportunity to keep their tools by providing high-quality design and construction, as well as a number of advanced security features that combine to create a box that will outlast the competition’s toolboxes, and is much more difficult to damage and break into.

The purpose of this Connect Blog Post is to outline our cam-lock toolbox features, and to provide some insight into how they work, and why we’ve implemented them.

Built Stronger to Last Longer:

We take pride in the incredible build quality of our products. In fact, it’s one of the first things people notice when they interact with one of our products for the first time. Over and above the security features we’ve built into the box that we’ll get into later on, all of our products are designed and built to last a long, long time.

We use only the toughest 1/8″ (.125″) thick marine/military grade aluminum, and pair it with durable stainless steel fasteners and hardware. In the case of the Cam-Lock toolbox, this means you not only get a pair of stainless steel hinges, but you get a burly solid stainless steel cam-lock handle as well.

Speaking of which…

The Cam-Lock Handle:

Iconic MetalGear Cam-Lock Box

The Cam-Lock Handle is a built from solid pieces of stainless steel. To put it simply: The cam-lock is a tougher and stronger alternative to the t-handle, but the benefits go beyond just that.

Traditional t-handle locks, aside from just not being as durable overall, have moving interior components that can break, or stored interior items can move during transport and prevent the handle from unlocking and subsequently stop the door from opening. The Cam-Lock system is completely external. No matter what goes on inside the box during transport, you’ll always be able to open your doors without issue.

The Security Flange:

Iconic MetalGear Cam-Lock Security Door Flange

On our double barn door models, the boxes come with an integrated underlapping security flange. This flange has been cleverly designed to “cup” the overlapped door which helps to prevent would-be thieves from prying the doors open to make off with your valuable tools.

Keeper Reinforcement:

We’ve added a simple reinforcement plate behind the overlapping door that holds the cam-lock keeper. This is also included as an anti-theft/anti-pry device, helping to prevent prying the keeper bolts out of the door by “beefing up” the backside of the affected area.

Folded Side Panels:

Iconic MetalGear Cam-Lock Corner Joint

Each side panel has 1/4″ (.25″) folded corners which provides overlap into the body of the toolbox. This enables us to put in a much thicker, much stronger weld than just a regular corner-to-corner weld would. Aside from making the box stronger overall, it also provides additional support for installations were our L-Brackets are not being used.


The Cam-Lock toolbox is yet another example of our inability to be satisfied with base level products. We’re always listening to the needs of our industry, whether they’re our customers or not, and looking at ways to improve on the “basic” products and make them better, stronger, and longer-lasting.

If you purchase a Cam-Lock from us, you can be confident that you’ve made a great investment in your tool storage. No more tarp straps and broken t-handles. No more stolen tools and no more lost profits. You and your business can’t afford not to have one.


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