Introducing the X-Pro Headache Rack for Pickup Trucks

Dec 12, 2018New Products

Watch as Jason Hardy takes you through the features of our X-Pro Headache Rack for Pickup Trucks.


X-Pro Headache Rack Summary:

  • Fits most full-size, modern trucks.

  • Strong yet light weight marine-grade aluminum construction.

  • Powder coated anti-skid black.

  • Honeycomb cutouts for rear vision and tail light.

  • Max Rating: 700lbs static load.

  • Adjustable width and height.

  • Compatible with our Gullwing toolbox, or standalone VIA pickup-pocket hold down brackets.

The Pickup Truck Headache Rack – MetalGear Style!

Built to match our X-Pro product line, the X-Pro pickup truck headache rack will not be outdone!

One size fits all.

Our one-size fits all design means that our headache rack will fit most modern full-size pickup trucks. The height and width of the rack is fully adjustable, ensuring the perfect fit and alignment for your back window and third tail light.

Stand out with safety in mind.

Honeycomb cutouts look badass on our truck and allow for vision out the back window and for your third tail light to be visible at night and when braking.

Built to last.

The headache rack is built from the same marine-grade heavy-duty, yet lightweight aluminum that we make all of our Semi truck and pickup truck from, so you can be confident that your MetalGear X-Pro headache rack will take a beating and outlast your truck.

Integrates perfectly with the Gullwing.

The MetalGear Headache Rack integrates perfectly with our X-Pro Gullwing toolbox.

Get in touch with us to find out how to get yours today!

For more information on the headache rack, compatibility, and/or how to order, please contact us.

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