Introducing Iconic X – Same Product, New Name

Oct 2, 2020Announcements

Iconic X-PRO is now Iconic X – same great products, now with a new name.

Some of you may have noticed lately that we’ve been referring to our products a little differently lately. We’ve been rolling out this rebranding slowly, but yesterday was a big day: we launched the new website, and the rebrand is official.

Iconic X-Pro is now Iconic X.

Iconic X’s selection of pickup truck storage products are designed, built, and tested to endure the toughest jobs. We listen to customer feedback and pay attention to the smallest details, culminating in a build quality that is second to none. We ship our products across North America so you can experience the difference a high quality storage product makes on your truck.

Check out the new Iconic X Website:

What does this mean for our existing products? In a word, nothing. Just the badging will be changing. You can expect the exact same features, build quality, and craftsmanship that you’ve come to love and expect from the X-Pro line to be found in the Iconic X line.

To be clear, here are the old and new names for our products:

  • X-Pro ONE becomes the X-ONE
  • X-Pro High Side Pack becomes the X-HIGH
  • X-Pro Low Side Pack becomes the X-LOW
  • X-Pro Gullwing toolboxes becomes the X-WING
  • X-Pro Headache Rack becomes the X-RACK
  • X-Pro CHASE Rack becomes the X-CHASE

What will be different, though, is the addition of some new features, accessories, and products. We have nothing to add to this tease right now, but we’re always studying the market, listening to feedback, and developing new solutions to your storage truck storage problems.

Iconic X will continue to serve the class 1-6 truck market. Currently, we’ve populated the new Iconic X website with our existing X-Pro branded products. In time, there will be some overlap between our Iconic MetalGear and Iconic X brands. Namely, our underbody boxes, our crossboxes, our b-packs, and potentially others down the road.

We will continue to move the X-Pro traffic and links from this, our MetalGear website to the new Iconic X website. We are going to move through this process methodically, as to avoid shellshock and confusion.

We appreciate your patience during this transition, and look forward to continuing to build our Iconic X lineup. This rebranding is just one step on the ladder!

Have questions? Want to learn more?

Get in touch with us – our sales team would love to answer any questions you may have: 1-877-890-9142 or


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