Inframe Toolboxes: The Features & Hidden Security Benefits You May Not Know About

Aug 23, 2019Product Tours

Our Semi Truck Inframe Toolboxes come with a few safety features that you may not have thought about before.

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Inframe toolboxes (also known as frame-mounted toolboxes) are just that: they’re compact, intelligently designed toolboxes that mount “inside” the frame of your truck, tucked out of the way. They are built from the same strong, yet lightweight aluminum as our larger semi truck accessories, such as our headache racks or underbody boxes, so you know they’re built strong to last a long time. They also feature high quality automotive bulb seal that makes for a water resistant box that will keep it’s contents safe from the elements.

We offer two different box sizes to fit the needs of any trucker or fleet owners; one short and one deep model. The shorter model (P#1801) measures 22 inches wide by 9 inches high and 24 inches deep, and is designed to sit above the drive shaft and any other frame rails. The taller model (P#1802) measures 22 inches wide by 13 inches high and 18 inches deep, and is designed to straddle drive shafts or frame rails that may otherwise be in the way.

These compact, intelligently-designed boxes are ideal for truckers or fleet owners that require some additional storage for their truck(s) (such as tools, straps, DEF, washer fluid, etc), but don’t have any, or can’t afford to lose any, external frame space on their trucks.

However, there are some additional “hidden” safety features built into each box that may not be immediately apparent or you may not have thought about. We’ll list these below!


Inframe Toolboxes make contents accessible from the ground.

Due to the way that the toolboxes mount “inside” the frame of the truck, this means that the boxes are located at an easily accessible height and in an easily accessible location that can be accessed from the ground.

In the past few years, more and more truckers and fleet owners have been asking for ways for to either be safer while getting up or down from the truck deck, or to not have to go on the truck deck at all. Being able to access your tools from the ground eliminates just eliminates risk, saves time, and increases convenience.

They have a grippy checkerplate lid that can double as a truck deck.

For situations where climbing up on to the truck deck is unavoidable, the inframe boxes include a tough, 1/8 (.125) inch thick checkerplate lid that doesn’t just look great, but serves as a grippy surface that significantly lowers the chance of slipping, and can even serve as a section of truck deck that is safe and strong enough to be stepped on*.

They store items that would otherwise be “loose” in the truck cab.

We designed these boxes to hold a lot of items in a compact space. As such, they are often used by truckers to hold items that they would otherwise likely have “stored” loosely in their truck cabs. These loose items, aside from just being a less organized option, can also create hazards. Loose items on the floor of a truck can make moving around in the cab difficult and even dangerous. And, In the event of an accident, something as simple as having a Kleenex box loose in a cab has been proven to have potentially lethal consequences, nevermind some heavy duty straps.

Storing items that would otherwise be loose inside the cab outside the cab of the truck in a secure compartment is a more organized option that minimizes the risk of injury.


There are many benefits to having an inframe toolbox on your truck. Some are storage and convenience based, but the most important ones are the ones that keep drivers on the road and safe.

Contact us today to learn how to get yours, or visit our product page to request a quote. You can also buy these online right now on Amazon or EBay. Links for those are below.

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*Inframe box lids have a maximum weight capacity to be considered safe to step on. Contact us for more information.

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