Iconic MetalGear BLACK FRIDAY: Here’s How We Do It…

Nov 26, 2021Photos & Videos

It’s Black Friday! Here’s how we’re doing it this year at Iconic MetalGear…

It’s Black Friday. Retailers from all over are slashing prices on products, and customers are rushing to take advantage of sales before they end. You can even find great Black Friday deals on truck accessories.

But here at Iconic, we almost never discount our products – at least not directly. However, if you search for our products at some of our dealers across North America, you may be able to find a great deal on some of our headache racks, big mouth step boxes, cam-lock boxes and more.

So, instead of slashing prices and creating a feeding frenzy of our own, we’ve picked some of our favourite photos that we have of our products – all in black.

We hope everyone has a safe Black Friday, and if you’re in the USA, a great Thanksgiving weekend. As a Canadian company, we’re open our normal hours this week: Mon-Fri 8am-5pm EST.

The Photos:

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