Have You Seen Our X-LOW Truck Pack? Here’s Why You Should Check it Out.

Aug 14, 2020Announcements

The Iconic X-LOW is just one of our truck packs that is part of our (soon to be re-released) “Iconic-X” line of products for Class 1-6 trucks.

Our X-LOW is our take on a low side truck pack – and it’s certainly turning heads in the industry.

It’s built from the same super heavy-duty, yet lightweight military/marine-grade aluminum as our semi truck accessories, so you know it’s built tough and is up to almost any job – for work or for play.

We’ll break down some of the X-LOW’s features, and show off some of the packs we’ve made thus far in this week’s Connect post.


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Strong, Lightweight Military/Marine-Grade Aluminum Construction

These packs are built using lessons learned from our popular semi truck accessories, so you know their built tough. But, their toughness doesn’t come with a large amount of additional weight for the back of your pickup. In their standard configurations, these packs weigh in at under 275lbs and have minimal impact on your truck’s carrying capacity.

Black X-LOW Pack

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We build them to fit most modern, full-size pickups

A perfect fit is imporant for any truck pack. It looks better, lasts longer, and allows us to optimize the storage space in your truck’s bed. That’s why we offer standard configurations, and then, in most cases, we modify them to fit your truck’s bed perfectly.

X-LOW Pack Filled with Tools

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They’re PACKED with features

Each X-LOW is packed with features designed to enhance and expand the storage capabilites of your truck. Some of these features include: 

  • Easy access, low-profile side boxes that run the full length of your truck bed.
  • Quick release centre tonneau cover.
  • Front headboard with hexagonal cutouts (rated at 700lbs of static load).
  • Removable rear ladder rack (rated at 700lbs of static load).
  • Flip-up doors with gas shocks.
  • Keyed stainless steel locks, hinges, and handles.

And more! Contact us for more features and benefits for your truck.

X-LOW Motocross Setup

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They’re Built for Work AND for Play

We build each X-LOW pack the same way, regardless of what you plan on using it for. They’re built tough, and are up to almost any job, project, or hobby you’re into.

Black X-LOW Pack

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They Look AWESOME.

We’ll let the photos in the gallery below speak for themselves.

Have questions? Want an X-LOW for your truck?

Get in touch with our sales team, we’d love to help!

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