From the Shop to Installed: Headache Racks

Jun 11, 2021Photos & Videos

Always wanted to see what the products we show in our product tour videos look like installed on the truck? Now you can.

We’ve spent a lot of time on our Product Tour Videos over the years, but we don’t often show what the product looks like when it’s installed on the truck it was made for.

This video should help solve that.

This week’s video shows side-by-side the video of the products that we took at the shop, and some of the photos that were sent back to us by the customers. Some of the photos are taken during installation, and other times once the products were installed.

It’s a quick just over two-minute video, but we’ve packed a lot of content into it. So if you’re dreaming of a new headache rack for your semi truck, this might be the perfect video for you to watch. Enjoy!


Build Your Next Headache Rack Online!

Build and price your own headache rack with our interactive rack builder.


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