Flat Headache Rack with Roll-Up Door Cabinet – PRODUCT TOUR!

Oct 8, 2021Photos & Videos, Product Tours

What do you get when you mix two popular headache rack designs together? You get this smart flat headache rack with a cleverly placed roll-up door!

The flat headache rack and the roll up door headache rack: two of our most popular headche rack designs. They have been smashed together to build a flat rack unlike anything we’ve built before!

Custom versions of our flat headache racks and roll-up door racks passing through the shop is nothing new; we see custom racks of all sorts almost weekly. However, we like to feature racks that are cool, and have at least one thing different from other ones that we’ve made before. This rack was an obvious choice.

It’s got a standard flat headache rack base, but a few custom features that are very much worth a good look. Jason takes you through the features of this cool new rack in a recent product tour video. Enjoy!

Custom Flat Semi Truck Headache Rack with Roll-Up Door:

This rack has some really cool custom features that Jason does an excellent job of highlighting in the video above, but we’ve also listed the features below for your reference.

  • Checkerplate 1/8-inch thick aluminum body construction.
  • Standard LED Light Bar package.
    • Red LED lights with chrome bezels.
    • Wiring pigtail included for easy wiring installation.
  • Full-width panoramic jail bar window.
    • Allows a full-width view out of the back window of the truck’s cab.
  • Custom lower roll-up door compartment:
    • Anodized aluminum roll-up door with full0width grab handle.
    • Dual chain racks on each side
    • Two shelves in the centre
    • Low box location allows for easy access from the ground.

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