Fifth Wheel Frame Ramps Feature Review

Jan 24, 2020Announcements

Fifth wheel frame ramps help you hook up quicker and easier, time after time.

Our fifth wheel frame ramps help make trucker’s lives easier by assisting with the hookup procedure of the truck to the trailer, saving drivers and fleet owners time and money.

Their ramp design “guides” low trailers to the truck’s fifth wheel, all but removing the need to get out from the truck to jack trailers up before hooking up.

Each ramp is built from high strength steel for maximum strength and durability, and they mount solidly to the frame of the truck.

Standard Fifth Wheel Frame Ramps


Click on an orange part number above to view/download a product drawing.

Learn More About Fifth Wheel Frame Ramps >>


Picking the right frame ramps for your truck

You can easily choose the proper fifth wheel frame ramps for your truck by looking at the image below, and following the instructions below the image.

You can also use the drawings available in the chart above to compare the ramp dimensions.

1. Ensure trailer is not hooked up.

2. Put a pry bar under the fifth wheel, and pry it up to make the fifth wheel level.

3. Put a tape measure on the flat section of the frame behind the fifth wheel, and measure the height of the fifth wheel.

  • If the top of the fifth wheel is 5 inches, you will want the 3-inch high ramps (P#1950 or 1954).
  • If the top of the fifth wheel is 6 inches or more, you will want the 4-inch high ramps (P#1951 or 1955).

Installation Instructions Included

We’ve done our best to make installation as easy as possible, but some fabrication/modification is most likely required when you purchase these fifth wheel ramps from us.

For this reason, we recommend having a truck accessory installer that you trust install them for you.

Our sales team will be happy to help you find an installer in your area if you get in touch with us VIA the links at the bottom of this post.


Want some fifth wheel ramps for your truck? Let’s get you some!

Our sales team is equipped to help you get the fifth wheel ramps you need for your truck. Contact us today to get started.

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