Exploring the Headache Racks of the Empire Transportation Fleet

Aug 16, 2019Product Tours

We built a bunch of headache racks for some of the Empire Transportation Fleet.

Let’s go through some of the features of the racks.

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The good folks at Empire Transportation have been early adopters and long-time lovers of our products, specifically our flat headache racks, enclosed headache racks and boot boxes. Each rack is made from our standard 1/8 (.125) inch minimum thickness high strength, lightweight aluminum.

This time around, they enlisted us to remake a version of the racks that we made them years ago to put on their growing fleet of trucks. On the left is a shot of one of their original racks that we were tasked with updating, and on the right is the new version of the rack that we sent them.

In this MetalGear Connect Blog Post, we’ll go through the features of these headache racks. Let’s get started!

Here’s the headache rack a bit closer up:

Up Top:

Up top of the rack they we’ve fitted our load light brackets and LED lights to fit. Aside from looking cool, these lights can be hooked up functionally as brake or signal lights. Underneath the load lights are a pair of our standard lockable chain hangers.

In The Middle:

In the middle of the headache rack we’ve installed our popular Jailbar Window. Vision out the back of each day cab truck was important for their drivers in this application, so the Jailbar Window was the perfect fit. It offers the best combination of vision and protection of any window option we offer.

The Bottom:

The bottom of the rack features a common, standard full-width chain tray to maximize the flexibility of their flat headache rack’s storage capability. Under each the chain racks you can see two lower side boxes. These have been an increasingly popular accessory for truckers and trucking companies in the past few years, as they allow the driver or operator to access the cabinet from the ground without climbing up and down from the truck deck time after time. This method is safer and more convenient.


Underneath the headache rack you’ll find one of our boot boxes. This particular box is sized appropriately to fit between the legs of the headache racks. This enabled us to save frame and deck space on each of their trucks, and helped us provide additional storage options that was also water-resistant.

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