Enclosed Headache Racks: The 5 Types We Make for Your Truck

Nov 29, 2019Product Tours

Enclosed headache racks continue to be one of our most popular, and most heavily customizable products.

In the world of headache rack customization, our enclosed headache racks take the cake.

Sure, we’ve got standard options, still built with our tough-as-hell military/marine grade aluminum, but truckers often want more from their enclosed racks than just a standard three-door enclosure. They want improved storage and accessability options. They want customizability. Some even want to make their headache rack into a focal point on their truck – a visual accessory and not just a useful storage accessory.

And that’s where we come in.

We build your standard 3-door closet rack, but we’ve expanded our enclosed rack product line over the past couple of years to include some different versions, including door and finish options.

And, oh yeah, we build custom ones too.

Below is a quick breakdown of the 5 types of enclosed headache racks we make. Which one will you choose for your truck?

1. The “Standard 3-Door Closet Rack”

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This may be a “standard rack” by most accounts, but you may be surprised by the customizability on these puppies. Choose from three widths (70″, 78″ and 86″), seven depths (from 8″ up to 24″), and two finishes (checkerplate and smooth).

Each rack comes standard with 3 doors, 2 chain hangers, and one adjustable shelf inside.

For those looking for ways to spice this guy up with some custom options, we’ve done light bars and stainless steel doors for these guys before and would happily do it again!

2. The Roll-Up Door Headache Rack

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The roll-up door enclosed headache rack is quickly gaining popularity, and continues to be one of our most asked about products every day. This smart take on the enclosed headache rack features a full-width anodized aluminum roll-up door and full-height grab handles offering improved accessibility and safer access.

The roll-up door easily opens wide to provide easy access to the entire rack contents. Opening the door is easily done with one hand. The door does not swing outward, so there are no doors to bonk you in the head or knock you off the deck if it’s windy.

It’s the same door that multiple Emergency Services providers across North America trusts on their vehicles, so you can be assured it’s built to last.

The grab handles make access easier by providing a solid handle for leverage and balance when climbing up or down from the truck deck, or while accessing tools.

Want to customize this one? We’ve got light bar and tarp tray options, and we’ve also done light bars, and large upper compartments as custom options.

3. The Stainless Steel Racks

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Nothing turns heads on the highway quite like some mirror-finish stainless steel! We’ve got two standard options for truckers to choose from.

One is a take on the standard 3-door enclosed rack, just with stainless steel x-pattern doors. We’ve also got an attractive lightbar option, and the interiors come standard with chain racks on each side and a loose shelf in the centre.

The second is our newest standard product. It has a cool “curved” (or “angled”) face, and a badass light bar with nine LED lights up top. Pictured above is the version with the jail bar window, but we can also make them without a window, which would be replaced by a full-height centre cabinet. This one also includes chain hangers and centre shelves.

We’ve had custom versions of the stainless steel enclosed rack done many times. Often, truckers ask for the body of the rack to be painted a certain colour, and then the mirror-finish doors as they are. It’s a sharp look that looks really nice on the right truck.

4. The Flat Rack With Cabinets

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Breaking the rules a bit here, but only slightly, our flat racks have enclosed cabinet options available. When you select a left/right/centre cabinet option, you’ve essentially created an enclosed headache rack.

What’s really cool about these racks is that you can build them online VIA our online headache rack builder to make your rack just the way you want it. You can even include a hydraulic tank this way, should your truck or business require one.

The customizable options for this style of rack are endless, and you’ve just got to start playing with the builder to see them all!

5. Go Custom!

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Almost anything is possible. Check out some of the custom racks we’ve done recently, and contact us to get a quote on your next enclosed headache rack for your semi truck!

Build Your Next Headache Rack Online!

Build and price your own headache rack with our interactive rack builder.


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